Important Steps for Avoiding COVID-19 Burnout

When we first began hearing that a novel coronavirus was spreading across the globe, most of us had no idea what was coming. As lockdowns started, however, the reality of the situation began setting in. That was when many of us started experiencing the first hints of COVID-19 burnout. Career Crisis: COVID-19 Burnout at Work and Home COVID-19 Burnout at Work Plenty of people have continued working throughout… Read More

The Pandemic and Self Care: Covid-19 Tips for Staying Healthy

Are you looking for self-care ideas during Covid-19? Dealing with all the changes the pandemic has created has made it much harder for people to take care of themselves, which is causing many of us to feel helpless and hopeless. However, we need to make it a priority to maintain our mental and physical well-being during these difficult times.   Self Care: Covid-19 Mental Health Effects and Coping It’s… Read More

A New Danger: Does COVID-19 Affect the Heart?

February is American Heart Month, so it’s the perfect time to overhaul your lifestyle and create new routines that can support heart health. You already know that too much saturated fat, sugar, and salt can put your heart at risk. Unfortunately, the new coronavirus poses yet another serious threat to our hearts. Even those with healthy lifestyles aren’t guaranteed safety. Serious Cardiac Complications:… Read More

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