When COVID-19 symptoms arise, be tested and treated during the same visit at select MD Now locations. Patients with positive results may be eligible for treatment by our physician-led team of healthcare professionals during the same visit.

Rapid Testing

Receive quick and accurate COVID-19 results with rapid antigen testing at all 75+ MD Now locations. Results are ready during your visit within approximately 15 minutes after taking the test.

PCR Testing

Need a COVID-19 PCR test to travel or for work? PCR testing is available at all 75+ MD Now locations. We’ve partnered with the leading national CLIA-certified lab to provide PCR testing with results available in 48 hours or less.

Antibody Testing

Our quantitative antibody test can tell if a patient has been successfully vaccinated or was likely exposed to the COVID-19 virus in the past. Get results in 48 hours or less.


You can easily access your COVID-19 PCR and Antibody test results online as soon as they are ready. Get started by setting up your profile now.

Find Treatment for COVID-19 Now

Get Tested and Treated Now at Select Locations

If you’re experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, you can find out if you’re positive and be treated for the virus all during the same visit at MD Now with rapid antigen testing at select locations. Walk in to any of our COVID-19 treatment locations to take a rapid antigen test and get results in approximately 15 minutes after the test is administered. If your test is positive, you may be eligible to receive oral antiviral medication to help lessen the effects of COVID-19.*

Your provider will determine if COVID-19 treatment is right for you based on your individual health and other contributing factors.

Visit One of These Clinics for COVID-19 Treatment Now:

For more information on rapid antigen testing, COVID-19 treatment, and other COVID-19 topics, visit our FAQ page.

*Result times may vary based on the day and time of your visit.