Happy Doctor
Fair upfront price, very transparent, no surprises, no gouging. Doctor Joyce went above and beyond to fix me up. I am truly grateful for the outstanding care!
Eric L.
Fast, friendly and professional environment
Victor a.
Great doctor and staff!
Susan G.
Outstanding service, lobby, urgent care rooms and restrooms extremely clean - friendly atmosphere, doctor availability superb. Very satisfied with the service rendered by MD Now staff - kudos to you all
Fernando R.
Fast and Great Service
Calvin M.
Great staff
Susan M.
Fantastic service ! I ripped open my thumb on a table saw , was bleeding profusely , and was in a great deal of pain. The moment I walked in , everyone involved from the front desk , to the nurse assistant , to the head Dr. , I was treated with the utmost professionalism, urgency , and empathy. Even though it was busy , I was seen in less than 10 minutes . Also..I told them I had to pay out of pocket , and they bent bent over backwards to minimize the cost. Final bill was $170.00 for great care , which included a tetanus shock. I highly recommend this place !!
Gary S.
Great fast service and Dr. Fernandez and staff amazing. Thank you
jorge o.
I found everyone from the receptionist, to Lidia the nurse, to the P.A. ,was very pleasant and concerned about my problem and wanted to make sure that i had the best treatment to to take care of my problem. Just as important, was that every person in the facility, had a smile and was happy to be there, especially on a Sunday. I came in because I could not hear from my right ear. After examining my ear, the P.A. determined that I had a "Wax Ball" obstructing my tubes. The P.A. applied ear drops to dissolve the wax and after 15-20 minutes the nurse effortlessly was able to remove it. I did not know what to expect as I have never used an "Urgent Care" facility before. To my surprise, it was very very pleasant and successful. In the event of an emergency, I would not hesitate to come back to MD Now Urgent Care.
gary s.
I was lucky to arrive later in day so my wait was not too long . The technician was capable & seemed to gather all the necessary information . The doctor saw me soon after ( there were no other patients waiting ) & made a diagnosis for which he prescribed an antibiotic that I will get tomorrow . My experience here was pleasant .
Junellen S.
Aside from the wait factor, which is always a potential issue, the care given to me by the medical assistant, Samuel, and Dr Aguilar were first rate. Chest X-ray was taken, results from the technician within the hour (on a Sunday)!, and medications prescribed based on the diagnosis. Also received a nebulizer treatment and a shot in each butt cheek! What a day! Seriously, couldn’t ask for better service, especially on a Sunday with Samuel and the Doctor being the only ones administering aid.
waiting time was very short and staffs were very nice.
Margaret B.
MD Now is now offering antibody testing for COVID-19.

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