Happy Doctor
Went to MD Now in Jupiter for Covid testing. The test itself is unpleasant but everyone was professional and I was in and out in 15 minutes. Very safe environment.
Chris K.
They were fast, courteous, and competent. I received excellent care and left completely satisfied .
Gwen G.
I was treated with the best service. Every one was so friendly, and I was in and out in 30 minutes. The doctor was so special, I would highly recommend this place.
Debbie S.
very polite patient and professional the girls up front and also very helpful find me the things such as certain paperwork that I didn't have the service was also done with diligence sincerely Keith Evans
Victoria N.
Great service. I'm and our. I would definitely recommend.
Imtaz D.
I like Md urgent care it was a fast service
Ivania C.
Had to do a new employee Drug Screen. Check in was easy and simple. Everybody was friendly. Unfortunately was unable to give a specimen so the nurse set me up for another appointment for the next day in the am.
Peggy H.
This is an excellent Urgent Care facility. It's my second time visiting an MD Urgent Care and they are awesome! Great customer service, very compassionate employees, from the young woman who took my information upon sign-in (Kendaya?) to the nurse tech (Kat) and the super nice doctor, Dustin May. The facility is very clean & inviting, and they really make you feel at ease and that everything will be alright. No need to go to a cramped ER; this is the best clinic for any unforeseen medical issues that may arise! Thank you for excellent medical services!!!
Teresita C.
Very helpful, friendly and professional staff
Sylvette L.
Fast, professional & very clean establishment.
sandra m.
Everyone is very nice. Had a good experience and felt I was taken care of very quickly.
Pamela W.
Was in and out in 30 minutes. Great experience.
charlie H.