The Sweet News on Non-Sugar Sweeteners

How Workplace Drug Testing Makes for a Safer Working Environment

Why Do Workplaces Drug Test?  A drug-free workplace promotes a safe and healthy environment for both the employees and employers. While all federal, state, and private employees can be subjected to drug testing, a few industries where safety is especially paramount, are required to perform drug testing by federal law. These industries include transportation, contractors for NASA, The Department of Defense, and… Read More

Six Feet, 48 Hours, 10 Days: How to Avoid Flu via The Wall Street Journal

Cases of the flu spiked across the U.S. in December. Even in a mild year, influenza kills as many as 12,000 people in the U.S., even more alarming, a bad year can cause as many as 56,000 deaths. The flu vaccine is the most effective way to prevent yourself from catching or spreading the flu. Right now we are offering free flu shots with no appointment needed when you bring in this coupon or coupon code: COUFF. A… Read More

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Wheezing Through Winter: 5 Common Winter Illnesses

Winter has come to Florida and with this cooler weather comes the holidays, a time where families get together to celebrate, and unfortunately, share their illnesses. Stress and potentially dangerous activities like hanging lights on the roof can cause injuries during a season where you'd rather not see a healthcare provider. In addition to sprains and pains, cold-weather sicknesses can develop. Stay focused on… Read More

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