A New Danger: Does COVID-19 Affect the Heart?

February is American Heart Month, so it’s the perfect time to overhaul your lifestyle and create new routines that can support heart health. You already know that too much saturated fat, sugar, and salt can put your heart at risk. Unfortunately, the new coronavirus poses yet another serious threat to our hearts. Even those with healthy lifestyles aren’t guaranteed safety. Serious Cardiac Complications:… Read More

Why Is COVID-19 Antibody Testing Important?

If the question, “Where can I find coronavirus testing near me?” has been on your mind lately, you’re not alone. We need routine testing to get the pandemic under control. There are different types of COVID-19 testing. The first type tests for the presence of the virus in your system. The second kind tests for antibodies, which are proteins created by the immune system to help fight the virus. These proteins… Read More


Rise in Home Injuries Due to the Pandemic: We’re Here to Help

The pandemic work from home lifestyle has transformed our daily routines. There are some positives to this: we’re spending more time with our families and pursuing hobbies we’ve been neglecting. This is wonderful, but more time at home can also result in a greater chance of having household accidents.  Injuries at Home vs. Work: Both Are Rising Injuries at home are happening frequently during the… Read More