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6 Health Benefits of Having a Daily Fitness Routine

At MD Now Urgent Care, we’re focused on helping people live healthy lives. One of the best lifestyle choices for personal health is starting an exercise routine. Everyone knows that the health benefits of exercise include fat loss and muscle building, but there are countless other reasons to burn some calories on a regular basis. 1. More Regular and Restorative Sleep If you find yourself lying awake at night or… Read More

You May Have Hypertension and Not Even Know It

You often hear people talk about high blood pressure, but you may be unfamiliar with the term hypertension. They are exactly the same thing, but it’s often referred to simply as high blood pressure. Regardless of what you call it, this serious health condition is one of the leading causes of heart disease around the world. In fact, the World Health Organization has warned that high blood pressure is estimated to… Read More

Study Puts to Rest How to Relieve Lower Back Pain While Sleeping

If lower back pain keeps you awake at night, now you can take a stand against painful, sleepless nights. A new study presented at the 2017 annual meeting of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine has revealed some interesting research on how to relieve lower back pain while sleeping. For years, it’s often been assumed that lack of sleep due to the pain could simply be resolved by finding better sleeping positions… Read More

It’s Likely That Your Home Blood Pressure Monitor Reading Is False

A new study revealed that the majority of home blood pressure monitors dispense inaccurate readings. This is extremely upsetting because high blood pressure is the leading cause of death and disability worldwide. And millions of people concerned about blood pressure rely on these home blood pressure machines to determine whether they are at risk for cardiac disease, heart attack, stroke, and kidney damage. With so… Read More