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Family Time for Fun (and Exercise)

With May being National Physical Fitness & Sports Month, it is an excellent time for families to focus on adding more exercise into the daily schedule. From sports to a walk around the neighborhood, there are many ways families can integrate exercise to be healthier.  Here are a few examples of how you can get your family moving, making it fun and beneficial at the same time!

After Dinner Stroll

One of the easiest ways to integrate exercise into your daily routine is with a walk after dinner. Whether you go for a leisurely stroll or pick up the pace with a jog or run, the critical aspect to remember is it’s important to move and the time with family is invaluable.  Switch up the walks by donning a bike helmet and take a bike ride.  Bike riding is as beneficial to your overall health.

Park Outing

Florida is lucky to have an array of beautiful parks that are perfect for providing energizing activities.  From walking trails to sports activities, parks offer a long list of options. Look around your neighborhood for parks that offer outdoor frisbee golf courses or hiking trails. From walking trails to sports activities, a park can offer a long list of exercise options. Here is a link to some of Florida’s parks. https://bit.ly/2yIiE9z

Weekend Hiking

One of the best ways to spend a pretty weekend is with hiking. Whether you try state park hiking trails or local options near your home, getting outdoors and hiking is a great way to spend time with family. Hiking can be comfortable on paved trails or a little adventurous when traveling off the beaten path. Consider your family’s fitness level before going on a hike. Older children will be able to handle a more difficult and longer path while younger kids will need to stick to paved trails with shorter distances.

Yoga Retreat

Another great exercise option for families is yoga. Clear out your living room once or twice a week and try a yoga video on YouTube or use a DVD with yoga exercises. Purchase yoga mats and enjoy the calming and relaxing experience of yoga exercises with your family. Yoga can be of benefit by stretching muscles and help to limber up the body.

Gym Membership

When the weather is not pleasant, family exercise can continue with a gym membership. By joining a family gym, you will have access to workout equipment, walking tracks and exercise classes. Consider such facilities as a local YMCA to gain access to exercise options for kids and adults.

Family Relay

Once a month, consider creating a family relay or competition with exercise. When weather permits, you can use your backyard as the competition spot. Plan 3-legged races, tug of war and more, to have fun with family and friends.


Lastly, sports are a great option for exercise. From football to baseball and basketball, there are many ways you can use games to exercise with your family. Consider the sports your family loves to choose the right option for exercising.

The important aspect to keep in mind is to get your family moving and the time spent together will make lasting memories.