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When to Seek Treatment for a UTI

Discover what you need to know about UTIs, from prevention tips to treatment options.

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are a common and uncomfortable issue that affects millions each year. UTIs require medical attention and proper management to help alleviate uncomfortable symptoms and prevent severe complications. Here’s a look at how to help prevent UTIs, treatment options, and when to visit urgent care.

What is a UTI ?

A UTI occurs when bacteria infiltrate any part of the urinary system, leading to infection. Symptoms can vary but commonly include a strong urge to urinate, a burning sensation during urination, and cloudy or foul-smelling urine. While anyone can develop a UTI, certain factors like anatomical differences, medical history, and age can increase the risk.

How to Prevent UTIs

Preventing UTIs involves adopting healthy habits like staying hydrated, practicing proper hygiene, and considering cranberry juice consumption, which may help reduce the risk of infection for some groups of patients. Additionally, avoiding irritants such as alcohol, caffeine, and spicy foods, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle, can significantly contribute to UTI prevention.

Does Cranberry Juice Prevent UTIs?

The effectiveness of cranberry juice in preventing UTIs is an active topic in medical research. While some studies suggest potential benefits for some groups of people, others find no significant advantage. While consuming cranberry juice or cranberry extract supplements might not hurt, it’s essential to explore other preventive measures and consult healthcare professionals for personalized advice.

Understanding Different Types of UTIs

There are three primary types of UTIs, each affecting specific parts of the urinary tract. 

  • Cystitis – The most common type of UTI, cystitis primarily affects the bladder and can cause symptoms such as frequent urination, pelvic discomfort, and cloudy urine.
  • Pyelonephritis – Pyelonephritis involves infection of the kidneys and often presents with more severe symptoms, including fever, chills, nausea, and pain in the back or side.
  • Urethritis – Affecting the urethra directly, urethritis may manifest with symptoms like urinary urgency, burning with urination, and discharge.

By distinguishing between these types of UTIs, healthcare providers can prescribe appropriate treatments and interventions to help you manage the infection and prevent complications.

Does Urgent Care Treat UTIs?

MD Now® urgent care can treat UTIs. If you suspect you have a UTI, it’s important to have access to UTI testing that provides quick and accurate results. When you visit an urgent care clinic with symptoms of a UTI, you will typically undergo a urine test, which is the primary method for diagnosing a UTI.

During the urine test, a sample of urine is collected and analyzed for bacteria or other indicators of infection. This process is relatively simple and non-invasive, requiring only a clean catch urine specimen. Once the urine sample is collected, it’s quickly processed, and the results of the urine test are typically available within minutes.

If the initial urine test reveals indications of a UTI, additional testing may be recommended to confirm the diagnosis or determine the specific type of bacteria causing the infection.

Treating UTIs

Treatment for UTIs is primarily centered around antibiotics, which are prescribed to eliminate the bacterial infection causing the UTI. However, alongside antibiotics, there are things you can do to relieve symptoms and help with recovery:

  • Drinking plenty of water: Hydration is essential in flushing out bacteria from the urinary tract and promoting healing.
  • Taking over-the-counter pain relievers: Medications like ibuprofen or acetaminophen can help reduce pain and fever associated with UTIs.
  • Using a heating pad: Applying a heating pad to the abdominal area can relieve pelvic discomfort and alleviate muscle tension.
  • Avoiding irritants: Steering clear of alcohol, caffeine, and spicy foods can prevent aggravating UTI symptoms and aid in faster recovery.
  • Practicing good hygiene: Maintaining proper hygiene, including regular showers and wearing breathable clothing, can help prevent further irritation to the urinary tract.

If you’re experiencing UTI symptoms, you must complete the full course of antibiotics as prescribed by your healthcare provider, even if symptoms improve before you’ve finished the medication. Failure to complete the antibiotic course can keep the bacteria around, increasing the risk of recurrent infections and antibiotic resistance.

By combining antibiotics with these symptomatic relief measures, you can effectively manage UTIs and experience faster relief from symptoms. However, if symptoms persist or worsen despite treatment, consult a healthcare provider for further evaluation and management.

Urgent Care Clinics and UTI Treatment

Urgent care clinics play a crucial role in diagnosing and treating UTIs promptly. Recognizing symptoms and seeking medical attention can help to prevent complications and alleviate uncomfortable symptoms. If you’re showing signs of a UTI, consider visiting MD Now urgent care to get a proper diagnosis and begin treatment quickly. 

At MD Now urgent care, our physician-led team of healthcare professionals is licensed, certified, and has been diagnosing and providing relief for UTIs for more than 15 years.  With more than 110 locations across Florida, there’s a good chance there’s an MD Now in your neighborhood. Click here to find a clinic near you.

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