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COVID-19 Vaccine: What to Know When Considering Vaccination

You might be wondering, “Should I get the COVID-19 vaccine?” It’s natural to feel apprehensive about potential COVID-19 vaccine side effects, especially with so many rumors floating around the internet. MD Now is here to address your concerns about the vaccines and set your mind at ease. The COVID-19 Vaccine Benefits: How Vaccination Can Save Lives Vaccines train our immune systems to recognize and fight… Read More

Recognizing and Dealing with the Effects of Stress on the Body

April is Stress Awareness Month. Considering what we’ve all been through in recent times, stress should be familiar to everyone. Statistics from the American Psychology Association (APA) show that 78 percent of American adults say the pandemic is a significant source of stress. Recognizing the Different Types of Stress This month is an ideal time to start paying attention to any stress you may be feeling… Read More

COVID-19 Vaccine Types: What You Need to Know

You might be confused about the three different COVID-19 vaccine types that are currently available. Between their differences and the various rumors about their safety, it’s natural to feel apprehensive. The team at MD Now is here to explain the COVID-19 vaccine differences and set your mind at ease. COVID-19 Vaccine Types: The 3 Options Pfizer-BioNTech How Does It Work? This is one of the… Read More

Important Steps for Avoiding COVID-19 Burnout

When we first began hearing that a novel coronavirus was spreading across the globe, most of us had no idea what was coming. As lockdowns started, however, the reality of the situation began setting in. That was when many of us started experiencing the first hints of COVID-19 burnout. Career Crisis: COVID-19 Burnout at Work and Home COVID-19 Burnout at Work Plenty of people have continued working throughout… Read More

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