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Urgent Care Blog

Urgent Care Blog

Off Your Resolution Track Already? Small, life-changing goals you can accomplish.

Posted on January 25, 2018

If you’re like many Americans, the new year means making a fresh start and setting positive health goals. You might be feeling motivated to eat better, exercise more, quit smoking, or engage in other healthy behaviors. Since part of staying healthy is being prepared for sickness, MD Now is open 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p m … Read More

Healthy Choices that Won’t Break the Bank

Posted on January 16, 2018

If your goal is to lower your heart disease risk, you may need to change your eating habits. Choosing foods that are good for your heart can help you live a longer and healthier life and, as a bonus, it may even help you shed unwanted pounds. Fortunately, improving your diet is possible even when on a budget. Get started… Read More

Skin Cancer Prevention-What You Need to Know

Posted on January 2, 2018

With millions of people affected each year, non-melanoma skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States. In fact, it’s estimated that nearly 9,500 people receive a skin cancer diagnosis every day.The good news? You can help prevent skin cancer by minimizing exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Familiarizing yourself with the skin cancer early… Read More

Make This Your Healthiest Year Yet: 10 Worthy Resolutions

Posted on December 28, 2017

Improving your health is always a worthy goal, and the New Year presents a great time to get started. MD Now Urgent Care recommends sticking with some of these healthy resolutions to experience rewards that can last a lifetime.1. Lose WeightMore than a third of Americans vow to shed some pounds every New Year, causing a flurry of new gym… Read More

Are You At High Risk for Flu-Related Complications?

Posted on December 19, 2017

Getting the flu usually means spending several days at home away from friends and co-workers. Most healthy people will recover from the flu in about two weeks with proper home care. However, MD Now is advising the South Florida community that some individuals are at a higher risk of complications, making it essential for them to seek medical care immediately… Read More

Celebrate Safely: How to Avoid 4 Common Holiday Injuries

Posted on December 12, 2017

The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year—but it’s also the most dangerous. In fact, between 12,000 and 15,000 people require immediate medical attention each year as a result of holiday injuries. Fortunately, you and your family can avoid these common Christmas injuries with a few safety tips. But if a holiday injury occurs, remember that MD… Read More

Youth Diabetes Is on the Rise, Study Shows

Posted on December 5, 2017

According to the SEARCH for Diabetes in Youth study, diagnosed cases of type 1 and type 2 diabetes in children are increasing. In the United States, 29.1 million people currently live with the condition, with 208,000 patients under the age of 20. This is especially significant for minorities, who saw greater increases overall. MD Now Urgent Care is concerned about… Read More

Don’t Be Afraid of the Flu Shot: Debunking 6 Common Misconceptions

Posted on November 30, 2017

When it comes to flu prevention, there’s one truth to remember: flu shots are a proven method of stopping the spread of influenza. Despite flu vaccine effectiveness and affordability, fewer than half of Americans have been vaccinated as of September 2017. Many people choose to not get a flu shot due to fear or misinformation. This makes it especially important… Read More

7 Reasons for Thanksgiving Day Urgent Care Visits

Posted on November 21, 2017

When it's time to celebrate Thanksgiving, you’re probably thinking about turkey, cranberry sauce, and fun with family—not a trip to the doctor. However, Thanksgiving’s festivities sometimes lead to health issues that might require urgent medical attention. Unlike many doctor’s offices, MD Now Urgent Care centers are open on weekends and holidays between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., allowing patients to… Read More

3 Simple Lower Back Exercises to Fight Back Pain

Posted on November 16, 2017

Practically every day, you lift heavy things, carry weighty objects, and participate in activities that can cause serious back strain and pain. But you don’t have to be a victim. You deserve to be able to pick up hefty items and engage in any pursuits you want to without hurting your back. You can make this a reality by boosting… Read More

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