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Spreading Safety – Symptoms of the 3 Most Common STIs

Healthcare professionals have discussed redefining how we identify sexually transmitted viruses, proposing the acronym STI (sexually transmitted infections) over STDs (sexually transmitted disease). This is due to the fact that some infections caused through sexual contact have no obvious signs or symptoms. There are approximately 20 million new cases of sexually transmitted infections every year in the U.S… Read More

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5 Lung Cancer Risk Factors That Aren’t Smoking

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Lung cancer accounts for approximately 25% of all cancer deaths each year. While not all lung cancers are preventable, risk can be reduced by not smoking and leading an active healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise. On November 15, thousands of smokers will join together for the Great American Smokeout - a day to start living healthier by leading a smoke-free… Read More

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Keeping Your Wallet Healthy: 5 Time-Saving Medical Services You Can Get At MD Now Urgent Care

With rising healthcare costs, long wait times, and crowded waiting rooms - it's really no wonder why people are looking for a better way to stay healthy than a trip to the ER. Fact is, studies suggest more than 70% of ER visits are unnecessary, and a single trip can average $1,354. While life-threatening injuries or conditions (like a heart attack) absolutely require a trip to the emergency room, urgent care… Read More

Beating Breast Cancer: How To Reduce Risks and Fight After Diagnosis

Few health campaigns have caught the national eye quite like Breast Cancer Awareness, and it's clear to see why support for this cancer is so imperative. Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer for women in the U.S. More than 230,000 women here get diagnosed yearly. Coming together for a cure and wearing pink is a way to give hope to survivors and patients who are still battling the disease, as well as… Read More

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