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Urgent Care Blog

Urgent Care Blog

Miami-Dade’s Third MD Now Urgent Care Center Will Serve Patients In Miami’s on West Flagler.

Posted on February 12, 2015

(Miami, FL) -- MD Now, the leading and fastest-growing urgent care provider in Florida, opens its 20th facility on Thursday, February 12. The newly constructed urgent care center will provide residents and visitors in Miami on West Flagler with easy access to state-of-the-art medical services without the high cost of ER and hospital-affiliated urgent care centers.In addition to being MD Now’s 20th… Read More

CDC Shares Concerns About a Potentially Large Outbreak of Measles

Posted on February 3, 2015

There was a time when measles seemed all but eradicated in the U.S.—so much so, that many parents decided to forego vaccinations for their children. Those parental decisions are now having serious repercussions across our nation. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there have been at least 102 measles cases reported in 14 states.“We are currently… Read More

Your Countdown to a Happy & Healthy 2015

Posted on December 26, 2014

As we begin 2015, many people are trying to abide by their New Year’s resolutions. While one in three Americans plans to better themselves this year, a far fewer number will actually make good on their good intentions. Research shows that 75% of people stay strong for the first week, but fewer than half are still committed nearly six months later. Rather than give… Read More

‘Tis the Season to Choose an Urgent Care Center…and Why You Should Make MD Now’s State-of-the-Art Clinics Your Choice

Posted on December 3, 2014

Many people believe that South Florida doesn’t have seasons. But we simply define our seasons in very different ways. And now is the time of year for two of our top seasons—the season for snowbirds to flock to our shores, as well as the season for colds and flu. And whether you’re here for the warmer weather or just weathering… Read More

Are You Worried Sick About Catching The Flu? Let MD Now Urgent Care Protect You with a Flu Shot.

Posted on November 12, 2014

It’s that time of year again: flu season. But now you can give the sneezing, aching, coughing, and congestion the cold shoulder by simply getting a flu shot. Since flu season starts in October/November, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) advise getting a flu shot right away to ensure that you’re protected from the start of the season. Luckily, MD… Read More

MD Now Urgent Care is Ready to Welcome Patients at Its New North Fort Lauderdale Facility

Posted on September 28, 2014

MD Now Urgent Care is now providing fast, affordable, and convenient medical care to North Fort Lauderdale(West Palm Beach, FL) - MD Now, the leading and fastest-growing urgent care provider in Florida, opens its 19th facility on Monday, September 29. The newly constructed urgent care center will provide area residents and visitors with easy access to state-of-the-art medical services.In addition… Read More

Protect Your Children from a Dangerous Respiratory Viral Infection Called Enterovirus D68

Posted on September 17, 2014

A serious respiratory viral infection is afflicting children across the country and is likely to become a nationwide problem. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have identified it as a rare respiratory virus called enterovirus D68 (EV-D68). It is related to the rhinovirus, which is the cause of the common cold. Doctors are unsure about the way… Read More

Why Young Athletes Should Run to Get a Sports Physical

Posted on September 4, 2014

Young athletes put their hearts into the game, but few ever realize the health of their hearts can be a game-changer. Most states require children and teens participating in sports to pass a sports physical exam to assess their fitness levels, educate them about exercise, and ensure their health and safety while they train and play the game. A sports… Read More

Beware of Vibrio Vulnificus, the Flesh-Eating Infection Making Waves at the Beach

Posted on August 26, 2014

Do you enjoy swimming in the ocean and eating shellfish? You’ll want to think twice about indulging in those activities now that Florida health officials are warning about a flesh-eating disease that is thriving in our warm saltwater and infecting swimmers with open wounds and the people who eat shellfish from those waters. This flesh-eating bacterium is called Vibrio vulnificus… Read More

Why School Physicals at MD Now Urgent Care Centers are a Bright Idea

Posted on August 5, 2014

 With your child starting school soon, you’re probably focused on filling backpacks and packing lunch sacks. But don’t forget your children’s school physicals and vaccinations. School physicals can check your children’s current health and detect any problems that may prevent them from reaching their full potential. And vaccinations can protect your child from getting or spreading many preventable diseases. So… Read More

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