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Urgent Care Blog

Urgent Care Blog

What You Need To Know About STDs

Posted on April 11, 2019

 April is STD Awareness Month, an annual observance that helps raise public awareness about the impact of STDs and the importance of prevention, testing, and treatment. Sexually transmitted diseases are currently undergoing a sharp rise in the U.S., making STD Awareness Month a good time to learn about what you can do to better protect yourself and your partner(s) from… Read More

How to Avoid Common Spring Break Injuries

Posted on March 27, 2019

 Spring break can be a great way to de-stress and have fun after a long winter of studying. Just make sure your fun doesn’t end with a preventable injury that sends you on an unplanned trip to the emergency room. By taking a few simple precautions, you can make the most of your time away, while protecting your own safety… Read More

What You Need to Know About Spring Allergies

Posted on March 21, 2019

If you suffer from spring allergies, you’re not alone. It’s now estimated that 10% to 30% of the global population is affected by hay fever, and that 300 million people worldwide suffer from asthma. More important, those numbers are rising. Childhood asthma rates in the U.S., for example, doubled between 1980 and 1995.Many attribute the increased incidence of allergens and… Read More

Loving Self-Health on Valentine’s Day

Posted on February 11, 2019

There's something about holidays and health problems. It may be the stress of living up to the pressure of the day, or the fact that drinking tends to increase during these times of the year. Whether or not Valentine's Day holds special meaning for you and a certain someone, it's a good day to reflect on the truest love of… Read More

American Heart Association Report Finds Nearly Half of Americans have Cardiovascular Disease

Posted on February 1, 2019

A new report from the American Heart Association, published in their annual Circulation journal, has found that in 2016 at least 48 percent of all adult Americans had some type of cardiovascular disease (CVD). The statistical analysis also showed that the number of associated deaths from cardiovascular disease grew from 836,546 in 2015 to 840,678 deaths in 2016.Coronary artery disease (including heart attacks), heart failure … Read More

6 Common Eye Conditions That Can Cause Blindness

Posted on January 29, 2019

It's Glaucoma Awareness Month. Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of vision loss and blindness in the United States. Become your own eye health advocate by getting to know the signs of Glaucoma, and other conditions that have the potential to cause temporary or permanent vision loss if left undiagnosed and untreated. Diseases and Conditions That Can Cause Blindness:  Primarily, most cases… Read More

How Workplace Drug Testing Makes for a Safer Working Environment

Posted on January 21, 2019

Why Do Workplaces Drug Test?  A drug-free workplace promotes a safe and healthy environment for both the employees and employers. While all federal, state, and private employees can be subjected to drug testing, a few industries where safety is especially paramount, are required to perform drug testing by federal law. These industries include transportation, contractors for NASA, The Department of Defense … Read More

Wheezing Through Winter: 5 Common Winter Illnesses

Posted on December 19, 2018

Winter has come to Florida with the average temperature during December and January in the 60 degree range. With this cooler weather comes the holidays, a time where families get together to celebrate, and unfortunately, share their illnesses. Stress and potentially dangerous activities like hanging lights on the roof can cause injuries during a season where you'd rather not see a healthcare provider. In addition to… Read More

The Gift Giving Guide to Toy Safety

Posted on December 10, 2018

The last thing parents want to see is a moment of joy turn into a moment of pain for their child. Despite best intentions, non-age appropriate gifts and toys can cause serious injuries, or in some cases, death. A report from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) found an estimated 251,700 toy-related injuries were treated in emergency departments in 2017. Of… Read More

Spreading Safety – Symptoms of the 3 Most Common STIs

Posted on November 27, 2018

Healthcare professionals have discussed redefining how we identify sexually transmitted viruses, proposing the acronym STI (sexually transmitted infections) over STDs (sexually transmitted disease). This is due to the fact that some infections caused through sexual contact have no obvious signs or symptoms. There are approximately 20 million new cases of sexually transmitted infections every year in the U.S..Rates for the three most common STI s… Read More

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