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CBS 12: A virus similar to the flu that may not be tested for

  PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. (WPEC) - It feels similar to the flu and it can kill like the flu, but it’s not the flu. It’s adenovirus and most hospitals don’t test for it. It’s another virus adding to the misery this severe flu season and it’s tough to identify. Dr. Peter Lamelas, executive director of MD Urgent Care Now says the flu virus can live up to a day on a surface like… Read More

CBS 12: Some parents rushing to get flu shots for their kids, hospitals feeling flu impact

  WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (CBS 12) — The death of a West Palm Beach boy, possibly from the flu, is causing other parents to take notice. Some are deciding they no longer want to put off getting their child a flu shot. An MD Now Urgent Care Clinic in West Palm Beach says they had 130 patients Thursday and at least half of them were people either battling the flu or people who came… Read More


MD Now Achieves First UCAOA Occupational Health/Medicine Certification

UCAOA is excited to announce that MD Now Urgent Care in West Palm Beach, Florida is the first organization to achieve recognition for the Occupational Health/Medicine Certification from UCAOA. The Occupational Health/Medicine Certification is an addition to UCAOA’s traditional certification designation. This accomplishment allows centers to be recognized for their commitment to meet the scope of minimal… Read More

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How to Make a Pinhole Camera for the Great American Solar Eclipse

You don't need fancy glasses or equipment to watch one of the sky's most awesome shows: a solar eclipse. With just a few simple supplies, you can make a pinhole camera that lets you watch a solar eclipse safely and easily from anywhere. Before you get started, remember: You should never look at the sun directly without equipment that's specifically designed for looking at the sun. Even using binoculars or a… Read More

MD Now Great American Solar Eclipse