Paramount Urgent Care is now MD Now® Urgent Care

Paramount Urgent Care clinics have become MD Now® urgent care clinics as of March 21, 2023.


As of March 21, 2023, Paramount Urgent Care centers are transitioning to MD Now® urgent care. As of March 21, you may start to see the MD Now name on patient portals, medical records, and billing statements.

Here are answers to questions you may have about the change:

Are all the Paramount locations staying open?

Yes, all locations will remain open.

Are you changing your clinic hours?

Our hours won’t be changing but please note that as of February 1, 2023, we will have some adjustments to our standard 9am-7pm hours across all clinics.

  • Lady Lake: 8am-8pm Monday through Sunday
  • Clermont: 8am-8pm Monday through Sunday
  • Dr. Phillips: 8am-8pm Monday through Friday; 8am-4pm Saturday & Sunday
  • Oviedo-Alafaya: 8am-8pm Monday through Friday; 8am-4pm Saturday & Sunday
  • Windermere: 8am-8pm Monday through Friday; 8am-4pm Saturday & Sunday
  • Casselberry: 8am-8pm Monday through Friday; 8am-4pm Saturday & Sunday

Are the medical providers and other staff the same?

Yes, and we’ve added even more licensed health professionals to our team to better serve you.

Do you still have my patient records from past visits?

Yes. If you were seen at a Paramount clinic, our providers will be able to access your medical history.

Can you send my primary care physician information about my clinic visits?


Are your services changing?

There are no changes to the services that were offered when the clinics were operating under the Paramount Urgent Care name.

Do you treat children and infants?

Our providers evaluate patients ages 3 months and older. However, whether we can provide treatment will depend on the patient’s symptoms. If necessary, we can recommend an appropriate specialist.

Do you still take my insurance?

We accept most insurance plans. Click here for details.

Can I just walk in if I need treatment?

Of course. Walk-ins are always welcome.

Where can I retrieve my medical records?

How can I retrieve lab results after a visit?

Where can I go to pay my bill?