West Boynton Beach Location of MD Now Urgent Care Opens

Boston Death Gives Rise to Florida Flu Prevention

Last week, the Boston Public Health Commission announced the first death from this year’s flu season – a man in his sixties. As someone experiencing other health issues, the flu added to his suffering and caused his death. Now, the commission is encouraging others to get a flu shot. Today, MD Now Urgent Care centers gave its flu outlook for south Florida based on the increase in patients treated at its many… Read More

Palm Beach Post: Flu season starting; swine strain dominates

At the twelve MD Now urgent care clinics across Palm Beach County, one or two people a day now enter with fevers and aches, and leave with the same diagnosis: flu. Check out the entire Palm Beach Post article here  (http://m.palmbeachpost.com/news/news/flu-season-starting-swine-strain-dominates/ncTMc/) The Florida Department of Health reports that 24 counties now describe increasing flu activity, up from 19… Read More

Top Seven Reasons for Holiday Urgent Care Visits

  If you’ve ever spent an entire Christmas morning in an ER, you know that others have, as well. Many of these visits can be prevented and even re-routed to a faster and more convenient level of care. Urgent Care Centers in Broward County and other MD Now Urgent Care centers in Palm Beach, Miami-Dade County offer you another option when doctor’s offices are closed and emergency rooms are crowded. Over the… Read More

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