Tips to Help You Decide on Urgent Care vs. ER

It’s a Saturday afternoon, and your daughter turns an ankle on the soccer field. Or the earache your son has been fighting all week is suddenly worse, and now he has a fever. It’s a predicament almost every parent has found themselves in at one point of another. Chance are, the pediatrician’s office is closed since it is a weekend, so where do you take your child for care? While many parents’ first reaction… Read More

MD Now Welcomes Growth Capital Investment

MD NOW MEDICAL CENTERS WELCOMES GROWTH CAPITAL INVESTMENT Brockway Moran & Partners, Inc. invests in leading Urgent Care business West Palm Beach, FL- April 3, 2012 - MD Now Medical Centers, Inc. (MD Now) of West Palm Beach, Florida, a leading provider of urgent care medical services, announced today a growth capital investment from a private equity partner, Brockway Moran & Partners, Inc. (Brockway Moran… Read More

The Case for Urgent Care

White Paper on the Urgent Care Industry from the Urgent Care Association of America Urgent care centers have been open in the US for over thirty years and see between 71 and 160 million patient visits each year. As the US healthcare system faces issues with access to care, increasing patient needs, growing demands on the primary and emergency care systems and rising costs, it is striking that urgent care centers are… Read More