Staying Healthy at Home: Online Learning for Kids

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, many school districts are offering online education for kids. This presents students with a completely new set of challenges from the conventional classroom setting. To reduce the stress related to this unfamiliar learning experience, it’s important to prepare children properly, both physically and emotionally. Set your kids on course for smarter, healthier learning by… Read More

Are You Positive About that Negative Result?

How to Choose the Right COVID-19 Testing for You. You may currently have symptoms, or previously experienced symptoms of COVID-19, or you could have been an asymptomatic carrier, either way, it makes sense to get tested to be sure. Keep in mind, however, that not all tests are the same, and that an inaccurate result from an unreliable test can be more dangerous than no result at all. Don’t get lulled into a… Read More

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