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About X-Rays

How Does a Medical X-Ray Work?

A medical X-ray uses electromagnetic radiation to create images of the structures and tissues inside the body. The image that is captured on film or digitally is essentially the shadow that is created as the radiation passes through the body. Although the idea of radiation may seem scary, modern X-rays are quite safe, and steps are taken to minimize the risk.

The X-ray process is straightforward. The technician will position you so that the part of the body that needs imaging is situated between the X-ray source and the detector. The technician then turns on the machine, which allows the X-rays to pass through your body. The resulting image is in shades of white and gray based on how much of the rays are absorbed. In most cases, the technician will take multiple images of the affected area to ensure that all angles are covered. Your MD Now provider will then review the image for any abnormalities.

Do I Need a Referral When I Go to an Urgent Care with X-Ray Services?

Whether you need a referral when going to an urgent care with X-ray services depends on the situation. If you come to an MD Now clinic with an acute illness or injury, one of our providers will assess your situation to determine if an X-ray is needed. If you do, we will perform the scans on-site and provide the necessary treatment. The fact that an urgent care with X-ray services typically offers extended hours and fast turnaround makes it a more convenient and less costly option than going to a standalone imaging facility.

How Much Does a Medical X-Ray Cost?

At MD Now, we strive to make our services as affordable as possible. In addition to accepting a number of different insurance plans, we also offer affordable self-pay rates for all of our services. We will tell you the cost of your medical X-ray once we know the type and number of X-rays requested.


Do I Need a Fractured Foot X-Ray if I Can Still Walk?

In most cases, a broken bone in the toe or foot will cause immediate pain that increases with activity; swelling; bruising; deformity; tenderness; and difficulty walking. Small cracks, however, may not cause significant pain in the beginning, but they can worsen over time. If you have injured your foot and the pain worsens or does not improve with self-care, you should consult an MD Now provider to determine if you may need a foot or broken toe X-ray.

How Do I Know if I Should Have a Broken Hand X-Ray?

A medical X-ray of the hand is typically ordered to diagnose possible fractures of the fingers or hand. Hand and wrist fractures typically occur as the result of a fall or direct trauma. Signs and symptoms may include pain, visible deformity, swelling, and difficulty moving the wrist or fingers.

How Do I Know if I Have a Broken Arm?

It can be difficult to tell the difference between a broken arm and a severe sprain. Both injuries can cause pain, swelling, bruising, and difficulty moving the affected arm. If you experience any of these signs and symptoms following an injury to your arm, it is best to seek medical attention. An MD Now provider can order a broken arm bone X-ray to determine the exact nature of your injury and recommend the appropriate treatment.

How Do I Know if I Should Have an Urgent Care Chest X-Ray?

An urgent care chest X-ray is used to identify abnormalities or diseases involving the airways, bones, heart, lungs, and blood vessels in the chest. In an urgent care setting, this type of scan may be ordered to diagnose conditions ranging from pneumonia to broken ribs or a collapsed lung.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of a Broken Ankle?

An ankle break X-ray is used to diagnose fractures involving the far end of the tibia and/or fibula. The tibia, also known as the shinbone, is located on the inner side of the leg. The fibula is located on the outside of the leg. An MD provider may order this type of X-ray if you have difficulty putting weight on your ankle, along with pain, swelling, or bruising around your ankle following an injury.


Is There a Walk-in Clinic with X-Ray Services Near Me?

If you are looking for a convenient urgent care with X-ray services, MD Now can help. We offer state-of-the-art digital X-ray services at prices that are typically more affordable than an emergency room or standalone imaging facility. With locations throughout Florida, we make it easy to find a walk-in clinic with X-ray services that can accommodate your busy schedule without having to take off work or schedule an appointment. Email us or stop by one of our clinics today for more information.


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