Happy Doctor
100 % Professional operation. Everyone there is spot and and treats you with the utmost compassion and respect! Very knowledgeable staff to tide you over until you can see your specialty doctor. Kudos to MD Now Mary Howell Pompano Beach, FL
Mary H.
good service! nice experience! thanks for your help!
Ramon J.
I went in for a COVID-19 test for work with no appointment. The process was so smooth and the front desk and person doing the test were both friendly and professional.
Eilyn M.
Excellent service , high recommended, the doctor was very nice and took the time to check us out and explain everything to us .
Diego N.
Staff is amazing, very friendly and helpful.
Jaime L.
Very limited wait time, great care
Pome P.
Excellent staff and wonderful physicians !
Steve B.
Great place and people
Antonio G.
Very nice and clean. Staff was professional and efficient.
Irene P.
Staff is very nice and always helpful. I recommend them to all my friends
Irene C.
The staff at the office were friendly along with the caring & professionalism of Doctor Yoo,.. Thank you very much for making everything at ease
Liz L.
Thank you) good service, everything is fast.
Mykola Y.
30 min wait included paperwork, intake and Doc were professional. They did their job. A+
Shimmy C.
COVID-19 Omicron Variant Information
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