Happy Doctor
Hassle free. Friendly staff. Well organized Corvid test didn’t hurt Highly recommended In fact I don’t know a better place for urgent health care service in South Florida, including Cleveland Clinic that would compare with MDNow Oakland Park Haley and the nurse on staff today were excellent in their patient care procedures
Buck K.
Staff was professional and pleasant; from the receptionist to the doctor. Oh, well no. The last person of contact could use some customer service lessons; felt like she didn't like me as a person. Come to think of it, to my face they were lovely. But I heard the Doctor and a caucasian crowd in the back laughing about my name. While I was still there! In ear distance!! And again, with the exception of the caucasian girl in billing; everyone was pleasant to my face but mean spirited behind my back.
Luke J.
Took my fiancee after not feeling well. Everyone in the office was professional and caring. Took us about 45 mins in and out and I would definitely considering going back in the future. Thank you everyone!
Jimmy D.
Very good care and professional attention.
Silvia K.
Ms.E.Benoit was very kind. She showed excellent communication skill, patience and was very professional. She also helped another patient while assisting me. She was willing to go above and beyond. Ms. Benoit was speedy yet accurate. She helped me to meet my deadline for my drug test and for that I want to say thank you and job well done.
Perff N.
Staff was so helpful and courteous. Made me feel very welcome.
Paul L.
Por su cumplimiento y profesionalismo. Seguridad en tiempos de Covid. Lo recomiendo ampliamente
Ana A.
The nurses were very kind , some of the best I’ve been around in a long time and gentle with my youngest (4 year old) taking the Covid test. The doctor was also very helpful with any questions and concerns I had. Happy to have this place so close to home.
Valerie A.
Clean, friendly! Make your appt online, so easy and convenient!
Joseph S.
Staff was very friendly and they take walk ins where many of the clinics in Port St. Lucie turn you away bc they say they are at full capacity and you have to make appts on line now but you find that out after you get to their offices. MD Now is a great facility and they don’t keep pushing covid dx or testing and you may just have a sinus infection or other illness.
Shannon K.
This is probably one of the finest if not the finest medical care facility that Florida has. Everyone is polite and professional the care is second to none. Many thanks to the staff for the excellent and professional help !!!! Was looking for a Covid 19 test walked in and was taken care within minutes. Other so called walk in sites were 1 to a 4 hr wait ? My go to place for non emergency events !!!
jim m.
We were involved in a car accident and we desired to go to this amazing place to treating our extreme pain. As soon as we get there the staff treating us as a family. We want to thanks to NELISE (Manager ) EVELYN , MAYLE and the nurse Assistant and Doctor AMAZING STAFF the place was neat and clean thanks to friendly housekeeper . I recommend this place to all my friends and to those people that are looking for quality care ❤️.
Alexander V.
Fast, convenient , reliable, clean..what’s not to like?
Darlene T.

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