Happy Doctor
Set an appointment the night before, it’s a completely useless feature. Still end up in line with everyone else so calling it an appointment is misleading. 45-60 min wait from 08:15 am on a Saturday is reasonable, even though I was 10 min early for my “appointment time”. The lady at the Patient reception/intake/insurance couldn’t have been any more lovely. The PA was detailed, patient and wasted no time (a plus from my point of view, it’s urgent care not my primary). And the nurse taking vitals and history was just as awesome as the other two ladies. 5 stars for staff professionalism and patient care, 0 stars for the knucklehead that came up with the appointment scheduling concept.
Scott W.
Everyone was very kind and professional. Would definitely recommend this location.
Patty C.
The amazing lady at the front desk is named Kira. She is literally the most helpful woman and best part of the whole place. She went above and beyond for me and my care. I'm so thankful for her and I highly recommend MD Now
Phillis C.
The doctor is Excellent , really accurate and don’t fool around. The staff is super friendly
Isamil C.
That was my first visit in Urgent Care, I thought that it would take some time before I could see a doctor. But in less than one hour, I was diagnosed, had my injections and prescriptions sent to my pharmacy. The staff is welcoming and very professional. Great place to go if you have an emergency and can't wait to see your PCP. I had a wonderful experience!
Marie A.
They gave my friend a stitch on her lip after falling off the bike and breaking her front teeth. It was $300, they were fast, service was great, place is very pleasant.
Spanish S.
# I am very pleased with their service and their staff. They're very professional and friendly. Waiting time is not an eternity.
Frieda V.
Personable, Efficient and Clean, what else is there to say.
Arthur H.
Great and professional staff fast service not a very long way the doctor from India was very knowledgeable and professional super nice attitude nothing compares to the one in biscayne blv in downtown miami. Will definitely came back to this location very clean and taking the cov19 seriously
Mini N.
Very good caring service very professional
Barbara M.
I have been at this facility before and honestly my last experience was lacking. I even considered going to another walk in clinic. I am glad that I didn’t. My concerns were addressed in a very professional manner.
Elena A.
Staff were amazingly friendly and courteous....Dr.Becker really able to put my mind at ease...follow up call next day really nice...
Annette S.
great experience ..everyone from the reception to the actually doc was immaculate ...will definately tell everyone
Scott R.