Happy Doctor
Professional and very quick. Waiting for Covid test results and to see how easy to upload for travel.
Susan H.
Quick service, nice doctors and nurses. Clean place.
Robert K.
I had a great experience in this clinic located in Miami lakes, the front desk staff is very friendly & nice , the medical assistant were very caring and thoughtful and I was attended very quickly. I went for my son's son's ear and throat infection the doctor acted quickly & perscribed a medication. I'm very thankful and glad I have such a great walk in clinic in my area.
Michelle L.
Great staff nice people and doctors.
Boricua F.
Very Nice, and efficient staff! Everyone was very professional and able to assist our every needs. Thanks MD Now
Lareesa W.
Professional and very pleasant staff. Very short wait time. First time for me and I would certainly recommend them
Connie R.
Nice people, good doctors. I had a long conversation with the medically well informed Dr. Hurt yesterday, 3/09/20, about a back problem I was having. He was very helpful, caring, and prescribed something that's helping. I've been there several times in the past few years and always found them to be helpful and pleasant to deal with.
Sylvain C.
Excellent care. Great facility! Will recommend to family and friends!
Susan A.
The staff was all very friendly, pleasant and understanding considering the unrelenting volume of Covid testing they’re doing and the fatigue they must feel. You can book a Covid appointment online, but you can also walk in. It’s first come, first served. Without an appointment, we were still seen very quickly.
Brittany M.
Fast and friendly service in a very clean environment. Both the nurse and physician were pleasant and explained everything as they did it. Despite not feeling well, this was a great experience.
Tim P.
Wonderful place for a walk in medical clinic. Very clean, comfortable. The staff is friendly, and very helpful. I was seen by the medical staff very quicky, even though it was quite busy. I'm very pleased with MD Now on Gateway and Congress. Thank you so much MD Now.
Jeannie T.
They were very professional, friendly and quick
Robert W.
Everyone that works there was very nice and I was in and out pretty quick
david s.