Happy Doctor
i called yesterday 1/21/21 to ask them how to make an appointment for a covid test; they informed me that there is no appointments, it’s walk-in and first come first serve. they told me they open at 8am so i woke up early today to go get tested and i expected a long wait. i was pleasantly surprised when the waiting room was completely empty, not one other person waiting. i was the first in line. they took my Id & insurance card & i only waited about 30 seconds before being called in by a very polite doctor. the woman doing my testing was very polite, the doctor asked if i had any questions before they started, i got my nose swabbed and i was done. i was in & out in less than 10 minutes (this is great as i do not want to be exposed to extra germs if possible)being in the medical field myself, i know when a facility has great staff and i can tell when they are well trained or not. i am very pleased with their professionalism & want to give them the recognition they deserved. front desk staff was pleasant & respectful. i would go there again if i need to, as it is a few blocks from my house. great service & i highly recommend this MD Now!
Andrea L.
Friendly, professional and knowledgeable staff. Clean environment I would definitely go back
Jessica S.
I came in today to do a standard drug screening for my new job. Unfortunately, I realized I left my phone in my car after I’d already signed their policy, which states that I cannot leave the building until I have completed the screening. To make matters worse, I really needed my phone to communicate with my current employer that I would be in later than expected because there was a wait. I asked a young lady if there were any way possible that I could retrieve my phone from my car but she informed me that it wasn’t allowed and she didn’t want me to risk losing my new job opportunity. She was very sweet about it and I understood because a policy is a policy. Five or ten minutes later, she comes to me offering to go to my car and get my phone because she felt bad. She looks for it and we both come to the realization that I left it home. She tells me that I can have my boss call the office and she’ll confirm my whereabouts. She went above and beyond for me. I wish I had her name so that I could let her know just how much I appreciated everything she did this morning. Hopefully, she’ll see this. <3 Everyone there was very pleasant. The service was swift and impeccable.
Brittney .
Very professional staff. I was seen very quickly and the attending Dr was extremely interested and completely understood my scenario and knew exactly what to give and prescribe.
Robert K.
I was in and out of there! The staff were very friendly and I would recommend this place anytime you feel under the weather and want to be seen right away.
Dan A.
If you go at a good time then the team is amazing. If you go when it’s busy then they aren’t going to be as attentive to you. Especially when it’s a 2 hour wait.
Best C.
the kindest receptionist, doctors and staff. thank you
marie c.
I was very impressed with the service I received from the staff at the lighthouse point fl location.
pointe605 .
I became ill while on vacation from out of state. I called and was shown great compassion as it was late, close to closing time. When I arrived I was given good medical care and excellent customer service. The physician and nurse on duty listened to me and gave me what I needed. Thank you from a Missourian to the Floridians
Anita S.
Overall very satisfied by the professionalism of the staff and the short wait time. I would recommend MD Now to anyone who might need their services! If I could “suggest” one small change: one item seemed to be omitted from the electronic sign in on the iPad: under the ethnicity selection, there was no selection for “white”. “White-non hispanic” was not present either, so all I could do is select “none of the above”. I find this a very strange oversight. Before anyone claims the R word, I am the most open and accepting person there is, I am just pointing out a glaring omission. Thank you for your service.
Sparty 9.
The facility is clean, comfortable and water is available for refreshments. Every visit has been extremely helpful treatment for my medical needs, the staff is always willing to go above and beyond for the patient.
Farrah's J.
I didn't know what to expect, not having a doctor/patient relationship, but the staff, nurse, and Doctor I met with were nothing but kind, patient and efficient. I was literally seen and done in a half hour! Amazing! The facility was clean and welcoming AND unexpectedly, I received a follow up call to ask how I was feeling! If you need a doctor asap, this is where you need to go! Thank you!
Diane R.
Courteous, friendly atmosphere in the office.not to wait a long time good pple from the front desk all the way to the top.thank u all
David M.
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