Happy Memorial Day Weekend

All MD Now urgent care locations are open
on Memorial Day from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
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Happy Doctor
Dr. Aliaga was spectacular In Asking many questions to diagnose And even more concerned in explaining to me exactly what his thoughts were and how he was going to treat it. Additionally, the entire staff was so delightful, Helpful and efficient. This was the office at Oakland Park Boulevard and Nob Hill Road
Mary B.
Fast, clean and efficient. I’ve used this MD now several times and got great care
Denise M.
Good service march last year excellent doctors.Thanks you
Ileana M.
Nice caring health care PA and Assistant. Pleasant front desk and check in.
Tamara S.
The facility was very clean and modern. The staff was professional, friendly and supportive. The care we received was thorough and the staff was truly hands on. We were lucky to have practically no wait time and did not get bogged down with formalities and paperwork. We will definitely return if needed!!
Michele B.
Great service each visit. I’ve been there twice and received the care needed. The evening doctor during the weekdays is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.
Marissa M.
Wow, can't believe how quickly they hade me paper, looked at and diagnosed. Out the door
dennis l.
Fast, clean, secure, excellent patient care. Dr. Enriquez was the best! Thank you!
Tahoser B.
Excellent service needed a recent Covid test thank goodness opened on thanksgiving and got it done.
Susan C.
The facility is clean, comfortable and water is available for refreshments. Every visit has been extremely helpful treatment for my medical needs, the staff is always willing to go above and beyond for the patient.
Farrah's J.
The staff was professional and the wait was adequate.
Annabel M.
I was in a lot of pain and quite fearful, b ut the staff at MD Now attened to me very quickly and helped me begin to feel better right away. Thank you so much for all your help and concern.
Titania S.
Although the staff was short, they went out of their way to provide good service with a smile.
Cassandre P.