Happy Doctor
Remarkable MD Urgent Care Office! The staff were helpful and easy to talk to. The Doctor heard my symptoms and prescribed the neccessary prescriptions with ease. Never the less, the experience was quick, relaxing, and pleasant.
Javier M.
Lo que me pasó es: me tomaron datos ectera y me dijeron siéntese la van a llamar, lo que no dijeron es que hiva ser de 2 horas más o menos, lo cual me quito la aportunidad de hacer otras cosas mientras, lo vine a saber casi faltando 49 minutos, eso no me parece bien,
Sonia A.
Very quick service and professional. Provided great care.
Amanda D.
Very quick, clean and professional.
Elan Z.
Great service. I didnt have to wait long.
Denise C.
I just left urgent care after having a gout attack in my foot. I cannot begin to explain how awesome the doctor and staff is there. They were swamped and still got me fixed up and sent on my way with a prescription to keep it from happening again. 10/10 , highly recommended. Thank you very much.
robert w.
They were professional and helpful. And were willing to listen.
Gary S.
My physician, recently sold out to a group called Conviva. Sine then, the corporate constraints of big insurance companies have tied the hand of a Dr I once respected. Believe it or not, my Dr. Would not see me to check my lungs as I may have had Covid. I didn’t but that meant nothing. He would not see me. THANK GOD for MD Now. They took me immediately without question. The staff was Friendly, efficient and very caring. Wondering why companies like Conviva exhist? Their website touts “caring” But to me actions speak louder than public relations copy for your website. Stay away from any physician affiliated with Conviva. I’m on the mend now because of MD Now. They took the time to see me and made sure I didn’t leave their office without a full evacuation and medications.
JoAnn R.
Fast, reliable, clean, profesional! The staff is incredibly nice and friendly. Well organized. I have been 3x and will keep going back when needed
Lilian H.
Excelente servicio. Todo el personal fue amable y el tiempo de espera fue mínimo.
Lix V.
Great service, staff and outstanding place too
Patrick O.
A quiet place,with professional workers.fast and good service
Carlos E.
Being sick is the worst. I didn’t even want to get out of bed to go to the doctor as it can be a horrible experience. The receptionist was very kind, followed by the very kind nurse and then a very comforting and kind doctor. I felt like a homeless person. I haven’t showered in three days, no make up...ratty clothes. They all made me feel better. Turns out I have the flu. They all made me feel comfortable. I appreciate this place and will go there from now on. Not just that, it was very quick. Thank you all!

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