Happy Doctor
Had to take 2 of my boys for COVID tests. Waited an hour as it was busy but the service was really good.
dan l.
Fast and efficient Covid testing...
William P.
I have received two Covid tests at MD Now. They are fast, efficient, and very nice. The woman at the front desk couldn’t be nicer and Keisha was equally professional and expeditious. Now I just need a negative test!
Risa A.
From the door very attentive polite and courteous
ricardo h.
If you ever have the need, the MD Now, in Sunrise, on Oakland and Nob Hill is awesome! I was first sent to this facility a little over a year ago for a workman comp injury, I was so impressed with the level of service. I just returned today September 4th 2019, and yes, a year later, the level of service is absolutely the same, extraordinary. It is so rare to find people in the healthcare industry that actually do want to help out and have empathy for your situation. My primary care physician is a notable doctor in Boca Raton, so I expect a high level of service and care, I had an emergency situation and these people came through. I can't say all MD locations will offer this high quality of service, but rest assure that this location does awesome service. I'm not going to tell you that your wait time is only going to be 5 minutes but I can tell you, it was equal, even a little better than at my regular office, and I am impatient person. Hope this helps you chose a location.
Bill W.
My second time here, excellent service.
Gloria S.
Wow, it was so refreshing to find a location that is clean, efficient, has wonderful caring staff and an amazing Doctor who saved my life! Thank you all. : )
Azury F.
I did something to my back, and no one in my primary physician's office was available for the rest of the week. I couldn't wait until next week so I tried MD Now in Jupiter. Made appointment for 45 minutes from the time I made it, arrived on time, and they took me right away. Everyone in the office was very nice, professional, and knew what they were doing! Very comforting! When Dr. Lieberman examined me he offered several things that would definitely help my problem, and now I am definitely on the way to recovery!
Linda S.
First time I used the services at MD Now, I was very impressed. Professional staff, easy check in, the triage nurse was understanding and Dr Yoo took care of me. The service was thorough and quick, I was shocked as I anticipated a long wait! Thank you!
K D.
They are very convenient and usually get you the care you need.
Jody H.
Went spur of moment to see a doctor for a painful rash. A friend had recommended MD Now. Was pleasantly surprised how quickly I was seen and very impressed with the organization and cleanliness of the facility. The doctor made a prompt diagnosis.In and out in less than one hour. I strongly recommend this place.
pamela d.
Friendly atmosphere and very professional. JC
Jose C.
MD Now was clean and efficient. All Covid precautions were taken.
Robert S.