Happy Doctor
I have only been here once. It was amazing, they immediately took me in and helped me. They gave me what I needed and then I left. Overall the experience was good. I forgot to mention the staff was amazing.
Valentina G.
Great service
maria p.
Excellent & professional service. I was there less than an hour and on my way!
michael s.
nice and clean site ,and nice friendly people there .i cant say anithing wrong i saw in a screen they have on the wall a list of good prices for primary care ..i will come back if i need their help .
junior m.
Apparently being dope was part of the job requirement because this staff was lit. Bed side manor... elite. Quality of service... immaculate. 10/10 would recommend. For reference: Had to have my ear flushed. And now I’m hearing like a new born again.
adriana a.
Thank you so much for the wonderful experience very professional working environment
jada c.
Short wait, Staff very friendly, Excellent doctor
Lourdes B.
This was my first visit to the MD Urgent Care System ever…They are very well organized having computerized the entire system from intake…I was asked a few general questions and given a tablet to enter my personal information…It was very simple and streamlined…I was.seen quickly and more in-depth screening questions on my specific health issue…After that Dr Leaven attended me, observed the physical issue and gave his diagnosis…I receive my care, a prescription sent directly to my pharmacy and an injection…My injection was given with each step detailed so I knew exactly what to expect…I have never had that done before…Rveryone was friendly and professional…I had all my questions answered and clear instructions given to me to respond to my health issue!!! I was suitably impressed and I highly reccomend MD Urgent Care…
David R.
Great services
Jorge R.
Very clean, prompt, courteous and friendly.
Ashley R.
Fast and quality service no long waiting
Jaguar J.
Dr Chidiac was great staff were very friendly and professional
Adam K.
MD Now was clean and efficient. All Covid precautions were taken.
Robert S.
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