Happy Doctor
I really love MD now for the fast and effective way of caring. I had to go for work and within no time I was seen, Xray done and discharged. Dr, Xray tech Riccardo and front desk Alicia was very welcoming and friendly
sanil v.
Wow! This place doesn't surprise me... I have used them.plenty of time. Always clean, great service and so quick... Thank you to the staff
Emily F.
Friendly, clean and fast.
Sam V.
Incredible service! Everyone treated us politely and the environment was neatly clean. :)
Simone R.
Quick service for a school sports physical when I couldn’t get a next day appointment at the pediatrician. Staff was very nice & approachable.
Kelly B.
Awesome staff, you get attended to very fast. Signing up is easy when you come in. They are very clear in all their care instructions and follow up. Almost has a family feel. I highly recommend this place for all quick consultations or any medical advice.
cafenodak .
Courtesy, friendly, accommodation, clean office, bathroom & exam rooms. The Dr was super nice, my antibiotic script was sent to Walgreens before I left the MD office. I’ve been there several times & only once did I want a long time. Today’s visit was in and out. Thank you for this office.
Sandi E.
This was my second time there and my experience was awesome. Great, professional staff. I was able to make an appointment online. By the time I got there it was a breaze process. The place in impeccable clean and the Dr. Very nice and professional. Thank you
Felix S.
good staff .
Cristina T.
The doctor Fran and Alex were super helpful I came in with excruciating pain and extremely embarrassing situation and everyone was super helpful understanding professional and patient they made me feel extremely relaxed about the whole thing and made me feel much better about my whole situation
MrFernando904 .
Thank you very much for your excellent service. Though I was sick, I enjoyed being at your clinic as I appreciated the attention and care you provided. Keep it up!
Georgina F.
Was met with a smile, told it would be a little while longer than usual to me seen. Signed in, went to get breakfast next door, came back and was called about 15 min later. Very thorough intake, met with a PA who was great, knowledgeable. Gave me medication.
Staci K.
very efficient and pleasant
Doreen G.