Happy Doctor
My first visit and I don't regretted, friendly staff, quick process and love that is paper less. I will definitely recommend it.
This visit went better than if I were at a doctor's office. Yes, there was a wait. I was lucky to walk-in when it wasn't TOO busy. Got everything I needed done. The ladies at reception were kind and professional. The MA who took my vitals was so cool to chat with. The physician who examined me didn't falter at my weird sense of humor. There was a client who was so aggressively impatient to be seen. I wanted to put him in his place! His behavior and attitude towards everyone working here was absolutely appalling. No one deserves that. The employees handled themselves very well.
La R.
Best experience and the staff are knowledgeable!!
Staff was very friendly and kind. The doctor ( NP) was fabulous and I thank her tremendously as I doubt another doctor would have thought to do the test she did for me! Great job there greenarces MD now
Joyce S.
Quick service, super nice staff.
Katie E.
It is never fun being sick, but being sick while traveling and not near your own doctor can make things more stressful. I was so pleased with MD Urgent Care in Pembroke Pines. The office is large and when I arrived at 8:30 the sign in was prompt and everyone very professional. From the receptiontist, nurse, and doctor I was highly impressed with out they treat their patients. I would highly recommend this location!
Shannon P.
The staff was so kind and welcoming even with all the patients and shortages they were experiencing!!
Alicia A.
Fast and very professional attention. Doctor, assistant and clerk very polite and helpful.
Laura R.
Excellent front desk service The cleanliness of the place superior The Drs Assistant pleasant and courteous The Dr. was excellent. Informative and made conversation and that made me feel comfortable
Gerald J.
Prompt 5 star service
Rhonal T.
I was in town for the weekend to visit my son. Woke up Friday morning with a burning throat and ear. MD Now Urgent Care was 1 mile from my hotel so called to ask if they took my insurance. They did take my insurance so I headed over to their clinic at 10am. Check in was quick, personnel was polite, the doctor saw me promptly, diagnosed me with strep throat, gave me an antibiotic shot, and called in an oral antibiotic to CVS pharmacy. I was in and out in one hour. I felt so much better by the afternoon. I highly recommend.
Toni J.
Great service and knowledgeable Doctors! 5 stars out of 5. Walk in service instead of scheduling an appointment in 2 weeks. We'll supplied - they even have an x-ray! Highly recommend them. Definitely would go back. Thanks Doc!
Bruce P.
the kindest receptionist, doctors and staff. thank you
marie c.

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