Happy Doctor
Clean and very courteous, helpful and polite staff. The physician's assistant and doctor answered all of my questions.
Miki M.
There was a bit of a wait but unfortunately it’s a part of the times. I thought the staff was warm, friendly and helpful. The nice young woman at the front continued to apologize about the wait and always let her patients know that they mattered and kept us informed. I had a brief encounter with the medical assistant and left there chuckling. The young doctor was wearing a few hats that day and was chipping in where ever she could. And although I couldn’t see their faces because if their masks I always felt their smiles.
Toni F.
super rapide ! sans rendez vous
Manon l.
Profesional staff. Were able to assist with the testing.
Zarina t.
Great atmosphere! Staff was great and very professional. ☺️
Yahaira G.
Went to MD Now when I ended up with bronchitis visiting the grandchildren. I saw Dr. Rosenthal and the nurse was Linda and they both were excellent. They couldn't have been nicer and Linda really explained about the medication since I very rarely take any. Dr. Rosenthal was very personable, very nice and knowledgeable. Being far from home and relying on medical people that you don't know can be a little nerve-wracking. I was a very at ease and felt much better because they were so nice. The facility was clean also which is a big plus. Thank you MD Now!
Jeanie K.
I was hesitant to go having read the reviews but I was pleasantly surprised. Reception was very welcoming and helpful. And the doctor was also very helpful and effective. She was able to give me antibiotics quickly to treat my tonsilitis. I'm overall very please with their services.
sarah M.
Fast service, very professional. Facility is clean.
Criss K.
the best place, excellent professional and fast service. tsk
Carlos m.
Very fast and friendly
Martine L.
Very quick turnaround time if you arrive when the office opens.
Candice L.
Now I just have to say I’m not a big fan of any hospital setting but what I experienced on Thursday was just Amazing. The front desk workers were so sweet and amazing. Now when it came to the medical workers I have to say they are fantastic. The Gentleman that called me back is such a pure heart. I can tell he works to serve are community and not just for a paycheck. This young man is hilarious, while calling me back he greeted everyone that was waiting in the lobby with a warm Aloha. Now that was pretty cute. I was feeling a bit down that day I was going through a handful The young gentleman sat me down in the room, Just at that moment I knew that I was at good hands. He let me know that there was nothing to worry about and that he will do his best to insure that I was at ease. While the young men took my blood pressure, He cracked a couple a cute jokes and even offered me water. Then when he exited the rooms the last thing that came out his mouth is what really made me realize that there are still good hearted people out in this world. He completely changed my day. I was still a bit anxious due to being in a medical environment but, because of the way this wonderful gentleman treated me it calmed me down and even change my entire day. I wish I remembered his name I know his name had a K in it but I can’t completely remember. If I had to recommend a place to go when it comes to urgent care I suggest going to MD Now. Or at least the Midtown location . Thank you for the amazing experience the doctors, the front desk workers and especially that young gentleman that gave me such great care.
Sonia R.
I went in for a Covid test since I had been exposed to Covid. I had my shots in February. I signed in and filled out a form. In a short while I was called into a room where they did the swab test. The nurse told me how to get results. Everyone was courteous and efficient. I was surprised at the short wait time.
Gaile B.
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