Happy Doctor
The nurses and doctors there are so friendly and helpful. The two women at the desk were not quite as friendly.
Katie P.
I’m very pleased with the treatment and service I received at MD Now. The wait time isn’t too bad, especially if you’re naturally a patient individual, but the immediate care you receive makes it worth your while. Definitely would recommend.
Angel J.
Went to get tested for Covid19 because my regular doctor couldn't see me unless it was by Zoom because I wasn't tested. Their in house physician checked me out and wrote out the prescriptions I needed so I was able to get everything accomplished at same time.
Rick N.
There was almost no wait time. Very pleasant people and quick results.
Cheryl C.
Excellent professional and extremely quick Service
Charles G.
My experience was fine I was prescribed methylprednisolone which I just took for the first time. I hope this works better than getting a shot for my bursitis. The visit was great.Never have been there before. I was lucky I had no wait time and the staff is very nice
Ilona E.
Great and easy
Angela S.
Sylvia was amazing! Very nice and helpful.
Moises C.
Went to do a drug test for a new employer, and was skeptical about the place being just a walk in clinic. But everything ran smoothly, I was in and out quickly. Would recommend for anyone thinking of coming here.
Daniel .
My 2nd visit. Service, information and care were all the best I've experienced from all providers in FL in the 7 years I've been here.
Bob M.
Clean, fast and friendly!
Jayson S.
The workers here did a great job with my diagnosis. They were prompt with prescriptions. They were also understanding of what I do to maintain my health. I was in and out quickly.
Nicholas R.
Very nice staff in front and back. Facility very clean. Went in just for covid test but would go back if there was a need in the future.
Ann S.