Happy Doctor
Karla at reception was exceptional good customer service and very knowledgable in assisting for rapid COVID-19 test results for traveling abroad.
Brigitte A.
Excellent experience with MD Now. Called another location for my 101 year old Mom who had fallen and was complaining of back pain. After discussion, the receptionist (who was super nice) directed us to this location as we didn't want to bring her to a location doing Covid testing. We waited about 45 minutes in the car for her turn in the queue...and from there it moved quickly. The doctor, Dr. Jose Murillo, was excellent. We were able to get X-rays (he bumped her up in the X-ray queue) and fortunately, she has not broken anything. Dr. Murillo noticed she was having muscle spasms so he prescribed something for that. She is recovering. Thanks to MD Now and Dr. Murillo for an excellent experieince.
Deborah A.
All of the staff are friendly, helpful, and concerned for your well-being. The wait times have always been slim to none, and my family and I have always received excellent care. I can't recommend this place enough.
Rob M.
No wait time and staff very pleasant and efficient.
Toni F.
People were very professional and helpful..office was clean and sanitary... a pleasure to visit
Ronald P.
Super fast. No line, no waiting, assistants are very polite.
Marcela P.
Super attentive and fast! Came on a Sunday 15 min before closing time and they treated me fantastic. Totally making this urgent care my to go urgent care.
Jean M.
Good patience service, very professional and very clean.
Mercy S.
I do love this urgent clinic for a couple of reasons. Always friendly professional service. Walk-in and no wait. Clean. Doctors are always respects your time. Highly recommend it.
S E.
Quick service, good communication, very kind and helpful.
Robyn L.
I hardly review other type establishments besides food but when I find a place that provided me good service, it's definitely worth sharing. I don't like going to the doctor but when it comes to my health, I'm willing to force myself...lol :) This was my 3rd or 4th time visiting this MD Now location. I normally go to the North Miami one because it's closer to my house but this one is next to my barber and nail salon so I rather do my personal errands all in one area. I made an appointment a week before, walked in, completed a few questions on the IPAD, and within 15 minutes, I was admitted. They gave me shots, took samples including blood and off I go. I was done in about an hour so it was quick and no BS. Great! The other thing that really impressed me was the cost. Before I was admitted, a friendly lady behind the counter sitting in the far back (I think she's the office manager) noticed that I previously had the same procedure before at another location. So instead of charging the full price, she went down the list of the procedures and eliminated the ones that I didn't need plus she gave me a discount for being a returning patient. It was promo that I wasn't aware of and they didn't have to disclose it but she applied it anyway. Long story short, she basically saved me almost $200 from the original bill. Wow! That's impressive customer service. In addition, a week have passed and my results were still not ready. I got a call from the receptionist to have me come back so they can get more blood samples. I told her that I can swing by before work so it would need to be in and out. She said not to worry. I signed in and within a few minutes, I was admitted and done in 15 minutes. Then, I finally got my results in 5 days and everything was fine. It's unfortunate that other folks had a bad experience but I can honestly say, I have no complaints about MD Now so I'll keep coming back.
Angelo R.
Had an excellent experience here today everyone treated me well. Thank you!
Angelica .
Friendly personnel. Very professional.
Luis R.