Happy Doctor
Went to get my daughters sport physical. Front desk was super pleasant and the nurse was amazing. We saw Dr Swanson and he was very friendly. We were in and out really quick which is great!
Jamie W.
Very professional and a quick service
Felix T.
Very clean and quick service. I didn’t have to wait! The nurse practitioner was so nice.
Jackie A.
Excellent care, short wait time, very courteous staff.
Lydia Z.
Took time to truly help. Great experience!
Mary S.
Muy profesionales y trato excelente. Agradecida con todo el personal Muchas gracias
Mirelis M.
On time, ready for, not a minute downtime
Villager I.
Very comfortable and pleasant workers and makes u feel welcome
Shelly P.
In and out quickly, close to home, office staff on point, Dr.'s actually answer your questions without rushing you out and of course the Dr.'s are knowledgeable.
Alison K.
Better than seeing my own doctor. Very friendly and professional. Definitely a go to in an Urgent situation.
Duane Z.
Dr and staff are very good.
Helene G.
Tenia algo dolor abdominal y vómito incontrolable . Detuvieron las arcadas con un medicamento. Bajo la sospechaba apendicitis me refirieron a un ER. Efectivamente así fue... Me operaron el mismo día de apendicitis en el Mount Sinai. Mi única recomendación como paciente es saber si es mejor acudir a un Urgent Care (caso leves primeros auxilios etc...) o ir directamente a un ER (cuadros más complicados donde se requieran exámenes más profundos, donde se requiera cirugía u hospitalizacion) pero ya lo aprendí.
William R.
Great friendly service. Took me right away and greeted me by name.
Sylvia S.