Happy Doctor
I went in to get my Covid test. It was very quick and efficient, and the people were friendly and helpful. :)
Cydney C.
Always efficient, pleasant, clean offices... Highly recommend!
Denise S.
Prompt friendly service, staff are all very nice and professional.
Joyce M.
Excellent staff. Professional and attentive which lowered my stress levels for my emergency care. Highly recommended.
Hans M.
Great service, did an appointment online, went in and In 15 mins I was seen by the doctor, great service!
Santiago M.
In August 2020, I had a pelvic CT scan, which involved an injection of iodine as a contrast agent. I had never had iodine before, but I quickly discovered that I had a severe allergy to it. A few days later, my skin was extremely red, I developed a fever, and I felt terrible. I needed immediate treatment. I chose MD Now for my urgent care. This was my first visit to MD Now. The staff person was very helpful, and I was seen by Dr. Gil Fernandez within a few minutes. He treated me with understanding, competence, and compassion. He knew exactly what to prescribe: Methylprednisolone and Cetirizine. These drugs were precisely what I needed, and within 5-6 days, I was back to normal. I was very pleased with the treatment that I received at MD Now, and I would highly recommend this clinic for anyone who is in need of urgent care.
Neal W.
I've been sitting here 37 minutes now and NO one has taken me back. Nobody(patients) are even here.. THEY FINALLY TOOK the Air freshener SPRAY DOWN. THANK GAWD. Imagine being sick with a sinus infection sneezing Waiting (in a medical facility)and tHIS BIG industrial Air freshener keeps spraying every 15 mins allllday. .,...... UPDATE::After appointment They took me back and the Dr. Was very interested in hearing my concerns of sinus infection and was very helpful and friendly. He was very understanding to what meds work for me and efficiently got me in/out. Thankyou for your help. The in-take nurse was friendly and helpful also as well as the front desk girl. I have been coming here for 4 years now. This was the first time I reviewed.
cstranieri1 .
Buena atención, exelente equipo de trabajo. En realidad muy buenos y yo muy feliz
Noris H.
Amazing, super quick and cheap! Paid for everything out of pocket and didn’t break the bank!
Skylar R.
Great experience, everyone very professional super clean facility
romy r.
Went because of wrist injury. I wasn’t sure if it was a sprain or a fracture. They saw me promptly, took X-rays, all done within an hour. Everyone was pleasant, from check in to the doc to the X-ray tech. A great experience..except for a broken wrist! Thanks MD Now!!
lisan9054 .
Everyone is very kind and they didn't make us wait longer than we had to. I would recommend them.
Beverly G.
Fast service
Niquee s.