Happy Doctor
I came in because i rolled my ankle and my foot was swollen. They were so polite at the desk and a certain worker saw my hopping on one foot so she brought me a wheelchair. She then offered me and my friend water and returned with two ice cold bottles of water. The lady at the front explained to me the cost of seeing a doctor without insurance but she was nice enough to knock $20 off as part of a discount. I went for xrays and the medical advice on taking care of my injury and got better service than most restaurants have.
Nicholas M.
When I went, I was in and out in no more than 30 minutes. The doctor was energetic and quickly diagnosed my issue, and even recommended foods to improve my condition and stay healthy, unlike most doctors.
Nicholle P.
Atendieron muy rápido con excelencia y con mucho profesionalismo
Migue M.
It was amazing. I was there last night with my kids and I was treated right away. The staff helped me with all of my questions and the PA was amazing. Thank you Urgent Care for all your help
batman52740 .
Came back from a trip to Italy for 2 weeks. Second day, developed strep throat. Right when I got back, I went to where I always go, MD Now Urgent Care. Walked in and as always, was treated fantastically. After a culture, sure enough, strep. Was given antibiotics and Prednisone and the doctor was excellent. The paramedic/nurse whom I had before was awesome and very patient. I love this place and would go no where else. Was in and out in literally 45 minutes (admittingly though it was 1:30 on a Friday).
Brian G.
I had my stitches removed here and it was SO MUCH more convenient than going to my doctor. Also, my doctor didn't use anything to numb the pain of the stitches removal when I had previously gone back for that. They just used a scalpel on my hand for 38 stitches with no lidocaine or anything. No bueno. MD Now did it without pain or drama. Go here.
Sarah E.
Very quick, and great attention.
markell g.
Always friendly, courteous and professional. I have out of state BCBS Alabama insurance and it was accepted with only a $10 copay. Clean, nice atmosphere, very little wait time, awesome staff Yes I highly recommend.
Shelia M.
I was a walk in and was taken care of in a very short time .Staff was very friendly. I would gladly recommend MDnow .
Eileen S.
They are vey fast and clean
Lori J.
Very good visit. Professional and friendly staff, short wait and the nurse was so kind.
J H.
Saw a doctor rather quickly. Was given a diagnosis and had prescriptions called into my pharmacy.
Arnold R.
Everyone was very nice and professional! Thank you for keeping us safe!
Patricia A.
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