Happy Doctor
Hola, estoy tratandome de comunicar para saber si Ud, estan colocando vacunas para los ninos. A mi hijo se le vencieron las vacunas y quiero vacunarlo con Ud, xq alli me validaron su carton de vacunas. Indiqueme si pueden hacerlo y si es previa cita. Les comparti mi correo.
Mónica G.
Went for a covid test and they took my insurance (100% no copay), I had no wait, and was out so quick! I was scared (crying) and she sat with me, let me take a few deep breaths, showed me the swab - tiny!! I saw my husband get tested and his looked like a QTip. This looked like a paperclip straightened out (with cotton) and bendy/flexible. I was worried they'd hit something and I'd get a nosebleed (friends' stories). She did it and when I tell you by the time I felt something she was out of my nose... like I thought "oh she is getting to the part where its gonna hurt!" When she went "see?" And she had it out already... had to do 2nd nose but it legit feels like when you land off a waterside and some water goes half way up your nose. My eyes didn't water (more than they were from the remaining tears) nor did I sneeze or feel "uncomfortable" or "alcohol burning" it just felt like water went half way up my nose. Go get tested, and use MD NOW!
Shannon K.
Dania Beach MD Now Urgent Care took care of my problem. Staff (front desk, medical assistant, and doctor were all very courteous, friendly and welcoming. Doctor diagnosed my problem and prescribed the right treatment to help me recover and regain my peace of mind. Highly recommend!
Walter E.
Very professional and polite staff clean location very modern , very satisfied above all !
Jean M.
the young lady that answer the phone nerak she was super helpful
Prompt and cortious service
George L.
Thanks so much for taking care of my son, They took care of my son very quickly and efficiently and i was very impressed. Thanks so much for your services.
Jazzy H.
Tres bon service
justin h.
I like the place; it's very convenient; you don't need appointments; they accept almost any health insurance.
gcRodas .
Visit was quick and efficient. I went in thinking I had a sinus infection and turns out I did. Was able to be seen and get the prescription sent to my pharmacy all in less then 45 minutes after walking in the door
Pam G.
They were very professional, friendly and quick
Robert W.
I did an online appointment and was attended right on time. They took care of me gently, professionally, and with care. I will definitely go again.
Will L.
Professional clean polite make you feel confortable
Silvie S.