Happy Doctor
I made an appointment and when I showed up, the place is really inviting and well made. Does not look like a medical setting. I was greeted nicely and attended to immediately. I was in and out in 15 minutes with no hassel. Everyone very friendly and professional.
Mark A.
I left Care Spot to come to MD Now, what a difference! The facility was clean and welcoming, the staff was super kind, the Dr. took his time to listen to my concerns. The place was great. The only complaint I have was waiting on the Dr. after they took my vitals was kind of long, but I assume it was due to the quality of care and attention the Dr. paid to the patients before me.
Grant E.
Fast and great service
Jordi R.
Very nice doctor. Hardly any wait. Very nice and caring. Did not rush appt at all.
Lewis L.
It liked my visit it was quick and professional and also reasonable cost. Doctor also put me at ease with humor, would definitely visit again.
Orein S.
Great staff.
Sheila G.
Quick fast and pleasant , thank you
Barbara M.
They were accommodating and let me know the first time I arrived that the wait would be long. When I returned a couple hours later. They were attentive and professional.
Paige C.
(Translated by Google) Excellent atention (Original) Muy buena atencion
barbara c.
Very nice place, staff very nice, and all both times that I went no long wait which i really liked. The only odd thing is that this is the first urgent care that I have been to where there is carpet in exam rooms and no sinks in the rooms.
Xiomara M.
Efficient staff in a very clean environment. Always a good experience with good care.
Rhonda C.
Very easy clean and tidy...... no fuss and very pleasant. A fully professional attitude to helping people.
Paul H.
Very kind staff, much appreciated!
Stephanie M.