Happy Doctor
Awesome professional staff! Given everything going on their we’re able to provide comfort and also safety measures taken was amazing.
Samm H.
Staff was very professional and friendly. The wait was 45 minutes but understandable great job.
Analia O.
Short waiting time, not busy. The doctor was very quick in his checkup, assessing the issue and prescribing the right medication!
Alex G.
I was in an out in under 30 mins! Loved it!
Dana L.
I was looking for a place that did COVID tests with a quicker turnaround than 3 days and found MD Now. I checked in online about an hour before I went in. I got there and they said “you may be waiting for 45 minutes” which was fine. They got me in in 20. Everyone I saw was very nice and I was surprised that I even saw the doctor. The place was clean. The results came back within 48 hours, too!
Elliese S.
I thought the person at the desk could have been more welcoming and I thought she could have used help. It can be tough to be cheerful when you are trying to check in continuous patients. The waiting area was filled, and people were standing in line. The PA. Tiffany was very good. She seemed knowledgeable. Without going into detail. it would behoove your company to require that these patient facing medical staff are vaccinated. The room was filled with masked COVID people due to the increase in the COVID Delta variant in Florida. This is for their safety. the safety of their family and the safety of the patients.
Jeana M.
Using MD Now was quick and easy. The staff was just great!!
al m.
Super fast and very friendly
Kim O.
This place was amazing, Even though it was pretty full, I was taken care of as soon as I completed the required paperwork. Everyone I dealt with was incredibly nice and helpful. Thank you all.
Alicia A.
Looooove this place! Great attentive staff that are very knowledgeable. If only they had a Obgyn and a Primary care.
L S.
This MD now was excellent… The wait time was nonexistent… The check in staff was excellent and very courteous as well as the doctor and the team behind the scenes… Very pleased with the professionalism that they showed…
Josh D.
It was super fast , clinic was clean , they employees are nice treat you with respect, very impressive.
Lopez C.
Wonderful and pleasant team here at this office! The provider was really sweet and attentive. This place is my second home!
Vicquella M.