Happy Doctor
Awesome staff, you get attended to very fast. Signing up is easy when you come in. They are very clear in all their care instructions and follow up. Almost has a family feel. I highly recommend this place for all quick consultations or any medical advice.
cafenodak .
Excellent and professional...took care of my breathing problem immediately
Laura C.
Staff was very friendly and hepful.
Liam J.
I went here due to a respiratory infection and my need for medications to treat it while on vacation. I was in and out in less then 45 minutes to include a breathing treatment and a shot of steroids. The Doctor was incredibly friendly and helpful. This was by far my most pleasant experience at an Urgent Care Facility anywhere in the United States. I would come back here in a heartbeat in the future.
Andres M.
I don’t take long time for my drug screen
Frantzy J.
My visit to the urgent care was quick and thorough the doctors was able to diagnose my symptoms and was able to render relief and was able to recommend proper follow up
R B.
It was quick and easy. Was expecting the Covid test to be a lot worse than what it was. Piece of cake and painless!
allan s.
My experience at MD now was seamless. I had fallen and thought I sprained my wrist, but after a week of distress I went for x-rays. As I suspected it was more than a sprain, it was broken. The nurse was very well educated and helpful. The doctor, Dr. Swanson, was totally on point with his diagnosis verified by the x-rays. Within 45 minutes I was tended to and out the door with a splint and sling,. A referral for an orthopedist and my prescription was also called in to my pharmacy. The level of care is A+ at the Royal Palm Beach MD Now. Thank you all!
Shirley B.
Entire staff were very professional and personable..
Pete P.
Went back today since it’s my local urgent care and what a difference in staff, attitudes and wait time. The entire process was streamlined, everyone nice as can be and doctor efficient and professional. Great job guys!
Lynda F.
Service was fairly quick and the staff was friendly. The center is really well located for people who live in the Brickell/Downtown area.
Katherine S.
They saw me in pain n took me in right away n took care of me I had my douth about ungent card but I think drinfrent about them now my knees feel good
Felix O.
Very short wait time, staff was pleasant, and doctor was kind and thorough
Gaby A.