Happy Doctor
The office and exam rooms are spotless. Every person, from reception to xray, was pleasant and helpful. I loved Linda who did the EKG and bloodwork. I would recommend this MD Now to everyone.
Maryl B.
Consistency and great health care professionals. Never a long wait.
Josie P.
Excellente réception à l’arrivée à la clinique et bon accueil du médecin qui est apparu fort sympathique.
Robert E.
Today was my second visit here. The service was once again awesome. Everyone from the girl at the front desk, to the medical assistant, to the doctor were great. I would highly recommend visiting them.
Vlad C.
So sweet and attentive and quick and kind! Loved the staff, grateful to not have a broken toe too!
Amanda B.
Best MD now experience I had out of all the other locations. Especially because of the sweet girl named Sham that works there. Ask for her to give you any injections because it doesn’t hurt at all when she gives, matter of fact you can’t even feel it. She’s Very knowledgeable, kind and friendly. Will come here again for sure even though it’s far from my house.
Dark S.
The receptionist was very sweet and fast. I saw Dr. Ozeri and his bedside manner was excellent - knew exactly what he was looking at very quickly and got me the prescription I needed. I was in and out the door in 20 minutes, from start to finish. Thanks!
Ray B.
They help us a lot with our sickness we give love and support to urgent care
Abraham G.
Nice staff. Clean facility. Super fast service. I was in and out in less than 30 minutes which included a visit with a physician and a COVID-19 test.
Monika B.
Quick, courteous, and knowledgeable staff.
Jackson B.
The staff was professional and efficient even though they were extremely busy and just kept getting busier. The receptionist (Amy?) very patient and kind very good at her job! Dr Morganne was amazing and so friendly Great experience - even though I was there feeling sick and miserable! I was very impressed
MarcyAnn M.
It was quick, professional and clean!
Dianne E.
Nice people, good doctors. I had a long conversation with the medically well informed Dr. Hurt yesterday, 3/09/20, about a back problem I was having. He was very helpful, caring, and prescribed something that's helping. I've been there several times in the past few years and always found them to be helpful and pleasant to deal with.
Sylvain C.