Happy Doctor
I had a more than impressive experience here at this urgent care. I truly did not know what to expect. Not only are the facilities superb, the staff are knowledgeable, efficient and very compassionate. I left feeling very positive and happy. Highly recommend to anyone! And all of this in the wake of a hurricane! So fast and lovely, would rate higher if I could.
Samantha W.
First time for my sister in severe pain was treated efficiently and with kindness all staffers very helpful. Not to long of a wait. Highly recommended
Carmen A.
Great Customer service and Doctors
Piggys E.
The entire staff was great from the moment we walked in...paperwork was easy and they were friendly and knowledgeable. The medical staff was also friendly and gave the treatment to my father that was needed.
michael r.
Excelente atención médica y muy rápido
Dailenis C.
Excellent service, reliability and treatment!
Maria A.
Went to get tested for Covid and everything was done fast and efficiently.
Katherine H.
Staff was very busy and they were dealing with annoying people. Staff remained polite and professional. Clinical team was great
Kevin O.
My experience at MD now was seamless. I had fallen and thought I sprained my wrist, but after a week of distress I went for x-rays. As I suspected it was more than a sprain, it was broken. The nurse was very well educated and helpful. The doctor, Dr. Swanson, was totally on point with his diagnosis verified by the x-rays. Within 45 minutes I was tended to and out the door with a splint and sling,. A referral for an orthopedist and my prescription was also called in to my pharmacy. The level of care is A+ at the Royal Palm Beach MD Now. Thank you all!
Shirley B.
All the staff were professional and helpful. Didn’t have to wait too long. The doctor was very thorough and communicated very clearly.
Carol N.
I wasn’t my first time there, but again my greatest appreciation for this MD Now services. Although there were people ahead of me I was seen by the dr in less than 20 minutes… very clean, organized and professional I felt better just by being there !
Ada F.
Very cordial well informed staff.Exceptionaly clean and Covid safe.Pleasant and extremely skilled doctor.I would definitely return to this facility if needed!!
steven s.
just had a cyst removed there. was only there an hour and a half. Staff was amazing, Doctor was expert at his practice. thank you so much for your great service. Would recommend anyone to go there.
Mark J.
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