Happy Doctor
The place was well attended to and the person who checked us in was very polite and attentive. The doctor was very knowledgeable about my moms history and very attentive and had great knowledge about the illness. i f i could use that doctor for a primary i would change to him if it was not a clinic. We left there feeling positive thanks
Ernest S.
Great people, great place
April S.
Took my kids and I to get tested for Covid and the staff was very friendly.
Jackie D.
My nurse was a smoke show! -Jeff from Boston
Charlie B.
Happy with your service done very well
Roy S.
They were so kind and reactive. Their knowledge and experience saved the day.
Robby M.
my family of 4 walked in at 7:15pm on 8/4/2021 the staff was tired and super busy! The lady behind the desk was beyond friendly and professional. Dr. J took our vitals at 8 pm despite wanting to go home he could not have been more polite and helpful. He even took the time to print something for my wife. Then the tech in the back had our covid tests done in minutes. Results came the next day! It would have been very easy to send us away, but they went the extra mile and that was much appreciated! Thanks from the DAlessandro's!
Angelo D.
Every MD Now I've been to is very professional and helpful. Their firm advice that I needed to go to the hospital last week may have saved me from the serious if not fatal consequences of very high blood pressure. I assumed my chest tightness was simply anxiety. I followed their advice of going to the local ER and was admitted for an overnight evaluation. Although unexpected and scary, I had a thorough heart evaluation and blood work to rule out any problems in those areas. I was prescribed blood pressure medication and discharged the next day. I feel much better physically and thankful they insisted I go to the ER as needed. My highest regard and appreciation to this valuable health resource. Linda
linda j.
I want to give the 2 women in front desk . Hat off . I got there at 9:00am they were very busy . The office was packed with people want it the Covid test ….The one girl took your info and the other call you up when it was your turn … These 2 women need a bravo for handling all this chaos …very polite and told people there time wake and apolized for the Inconvenience
Carmen S.
Got me in and out as fast as possible COVID-19 very busy conditions. Good crew!
David R.
the kindest receptionist, doctors and staff. thank you
marie c.
Very friendly staff. Awesome care!
Danny H.
Excellent fast
Elsa A.
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