Happy Doctor
Available- efficient- accurate. What else can you ask for? The dr was nice, quick, accurate diagnosis, we were on our way quickly! Thank you!
david z.
The clinic was very busy, regardless of that every staff member took their time to be pleasant and accommodating. It was extremely clean inside as well.
Jordyn W.
So happy that it's not outrageously expensive, since I don't have insurance! They see me right away and I trust their opinions!
Wendy K.
Fantastic wait time- NONE. Competent and kind staff!
C H.
Actually one of the nicest looking doctor offices I’ve even been in. Marble countertops and beautiful inlaid wood. Just a very nice experience. It beats the heck out of an emergency room! I would most definitely recommend it!
John S.
I was in and out in a reasonable time and the staff there are nice
Lindsay A.
Clean facility, professional staff, timely service, state of the art technologies. I highly recommend MD Now Urgent Care.
Nicole P.
Dr. Khoury was amazing and made my experience diagnosing and treating a corneal abrasion very easy and quick and explained everything to me very well. Thank you!
Annabel .
Very fast and efficient. No waiting. Physician's Assistant and nurse were both friendly and very competent.
Lannis w.
Wow! This place doesn't surprise me... I have used them.plenty of time. Always clean, great service and so quick... Thank you to the staff
Emily F.
Went first thing in the morning. The nurse was friendly, and personable. The doctor saw me right after. Ran tests, communicated with me the whole time. Great experience!
Mercedes C.
Fast and friendly service! Very impressed!
Melanie S.
It Accepts My Medicare Insurance, It Was Clean & The People Where Very Friendly & Helpful. Also The Doctor Was Very Knowledgeable & Quick To Help Me & Take Care Of My Problems.
William G.

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