Happy Doctor
Everything was met beyond my expectations- the doctor showed empathy and got me on the right meds to finally feel better!
Kathy L.
Much faster attendance than formerly. Clean offices, pleasant efficient staff.
Lorenne M.
Great locations, convenient hours, and professional.
Mercy M.
Usually I'm hesitant to visit any urgent care clinics due to long waits and lack of quality. I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I didn't have to wait long at all, it was very clean and modern, and the staff was amazing and kind. In no way did I feel rushed at any point and they listened to my every concern without being dismissive.
Chi C.
Wonderful place for a walk in medical clinic. Very clean, comfortable. The staff is friendly, and very helpful. I was seen by the medical staff very quicky, even though it was quite busy. I'm very pleased with MD Now on Gateway and Congress. Thank you so much MD Now.
Jeannie T.
Very professional staff. MD was excellent.
Therese F.
The staff were patient with me at the visit and the clinic was very clean!
Founa B.
Very kind, clean, efficient. Felt cared for here.
goria r.
Nice, very well organized place!
Eduardas V.
I had an emergency regarding my face. They were closing but stayed to make sure I was ok. Nice, efficient, considerate, lovely surroundings. Cared that I was very nervous and assured me that it could be treated with antibiotics. Thank you, recommend greatly for seniors. Toni Rosenberg
Toni R.
I have used MD Now Urgent Care several times and have always been happy with the treatment I have received. All of the staff are very pleasant, helpful, and professional. The PA, Lance, and Dr. Welliver were very kind and compassionate. I did receive a phone call from the staff the day after my visit to see how I was feeling. I would recommend MD Now Urgent Care in Royal Palm Beach.
Linda R.
Federico G.
I did not have to wait long before seeing a doctor. I was in and out in 45 minutes, prescription was called into my pharmacy, and I was able to pick up scripts on the way home. Triage nurse and doctor and intake ladies were all pleasant and efficient. Would recommend to anyone who needs urgent care.
Karen B.