Happy 4th of July

All MD Now urgent care locations will be open on July 4th
from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Have a safe holiday!

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Happy Doctor
Excellent care and moderate wait, depending on how busy they are. I would definitely recommend this clinic!
DelRose B.
The entire staff was great from the moment we walked in...paperwork was easy and they were friendly and knowledgeable. The medical staff was also friendly and gave the treatment to my father that was needed.
michael r.
Extremely friendly staff, no wait time, and just what you need if you are not feeling well. Stephanie B. (attending nurse) was such an angel and the physicians were understanding and really listened to your concerns.
isaac w.
I love this product. Unlike other eye tightening serums Ive tried, this one is different. It works better than anything else Ive tried but I can actually put make up on once it dries. Its also intended for use on your entire face, not just your eyes. Ive noted that it sometimes leaves a white residue but Ive discovered its only because Ive applied too much. It only takes a small amount. I told someone that I just met yesterday that I was 65 years old. Her reply to me was that I had beautiful skin. Ive never been told that in my entire life!! I was of course wearing my Miami MD Instant Wrinkle Eraser. Im a life long customer here. Top quality product I will never go without.
Alan B.
Outstanding treatment. Fast and comprehensive.
Nina L.
This is the Best walk in care Facilities I have ever been to. They care about doing the best care they can for there patrons, I had come from NJ with stitches. When I came in they were friendly and provided the best care I have had in a walk-in facility. Great staff !!! Great Doctors on location !!! I Recommend this location !!! Clean, Great care , Great Doctors !!
John F.
I came in for a school physical and all the staff was very kind and friendly. Its a great location and its not far from my home.
Alejandro G.
Friendly, quick check in. All staff pleasant to deal with.
Hollie K.
The place is clean, the staff is receptive and attentive.
Mayange P.
Got sick during a trip and needed urgent care. The folks at MD Now Urgent Care were friendly and efficient. The facilities were very good. Walked in on a busy day, was told there’d be an hours wait, but I was seen by a physician and finished with my visit before the end of the hour. This is how urgent care should be!
Ramkumar S.
We came in as a walk-in. The associates at the front were courtesy and very helpful. The place is beautiful, clean and from the moment we arrived to leaving we felt attended to. I do believe timing is everything and we arrived before many which made our visit quite fast. The doctor was attentive and gave us the time we needed. I would definitely return to this Urgent Care.
Victoria G.
I highly recommend this MD Center. I was in and out in 30 minutes, the front desk was courteous and friendly. Physician's Assistant Piret was efficient, professional and very pleasant. Would not hesitate visiting them again with a medical issue. Keep up the good work!!
Ana M.
Awesome service. Friendly. Recommended!
Javier M.