Happy Doctor
Very professional. Very organized, clean atmosphere. I have been there several times and was always more than satisfied with the level of care.
Lisa W.
Everyone was friendly and informative! So glad I stopped at this particular clinic!!!
Sandy V.
The wait time was not bad at all, and the staff was very friendly. I went in for a female-related issue, and the male doctor ensured that a female nurse was in the room for the examination, which I appreciated very much. Definitely recommend this place!
Sarah H.
The first time I came here, and I was as pleased as I wanted. good job !
mr v.
The doctor is amazing! The all are very nice. There wasn't a long wait at all. When I got in to the back the gentleman as what was going on and did my vitals. When the doctor came in she was very pleasant and listened to every concern I had. All in all I would recommend this urgent care place to my family and friends. Thank you for all your services. God bless and stay well.....
Joanna D.
Exceptional service, professional nursing staff and painless Covid Vaccine jab
Hendrik C.
Very professional process for Covid-19 testing. Based on appointments only, nobody else in waiting room, social distanced chairs, receptionists wore masks, and were very friendly, and the test administer was also very professional, masked, and friendly. Entire office was extremely clean, and very well managed. Thank you for making this a great experience!
Laura G.
Hello I’d like to give a shout out and koodos to the exceptional staff at this MD Urgent Care which was my very first visit. I’d like to thank Chandra the Receptionist Front Desk Person, Yeraldin the Nurse on Staff and finally Dr. Stefan who were all excellent toward the care they provided for me which was most appreciated thank you
AngelWings29 .
Excellent customer service and the place was very clean. The staff was very friendly and they work fast. I definitely recommend this place.
Yesenia R.
They were very friendly and helpful. Dr was unable to treat my eye condition and referred me to ophthalmology practice
Will B.
Very efficient, friendly, and efficient. Very clean!
Jerry M.
Everyone was extremely friendly and professional.
Kim K.
It was really clean.The staff there were very professional and friendly.Also the service was really fast and easy to work with .I ‘ll definitely coming back to this place
Kathy K.