Happy Doctor
Clean office, friendly staff, Dr. Bizouati was very thorough. He diagnosed my illness, gave me treatment in the office and sent me home in less discomfort than when I arrived. He called in the proper prescriptions to my drugstore to continue my treatments.
Marcy P.
Wonderful team of people. Camile our medical assistant and Dr. Nacham assisted my family as if they were their own. 5 stars all around!
Ian K.
It was a great experience, I had an appointment they took me on time everything went very smooth. I had a 315 appointment arrived a few minutes early they took me a few minutes early and by 3:15 I was already at my car. It was one of the best doctors experiences that I’ve had
Jack B.
Really feel taken.. I do not have insurance and every time I go here they play this game they say the price is $145.00 until you look horrified and then they pull out a imaginary coupon that magically turns the price into 125.00. Oh gee thanks! After waiting 20 minutes in the room he looked at me maybe 6 minutes tops I was told I had 2 eye infections 2 ear infections and a upper respiratory infection they prescribe $200 in meds. I get a z-pak prednisone and eye drops. I finish my z-pak and call and tell them I'm still sick and they say I have to pay for another office visit...I've got the same sickness why should I pay you again to tell me I'm going to need more meds .I'll never go back.
Janet T.
They’re very busy so you’ll wait possibly for a few hours. But they do good work for you.
Eric D.
Just stepped out of this location after a moderately bad dog bite. The team very caring, from the front team to the medical staff and the doctors. Everyone genuinely cared about not only my well being but everyone's that was there. Comes highly recommended!
Lindsee L.
Inversiones T.
Courtesy, friendly, accommodation, clean office, bathroom & exam rooms. The Dr was super nice, my antibiotic script was sent to Walgreens before I left the MD office. I’ve been there several times & only once did I want a long time. Today’s visit was in and out. Thank you for this office.
Sandi E.
Fast, courteous, great staff!
Rachel T.
Prompt service, courteous staff. I waited only 10 minutes. Very clean and modern facilities.
Paula Z.
Fast and excellent treatment
Ana P.
I was very happy with shaquita she did a good job on my COVID test
Emma R.
Great place and people
Antonio G.
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