Happy Doctor
Always friendly, courteous and professional. I have out of state BCBS Alabama insurance and it was accepted with only a $10 copay. Clean, nice atmosphere, very little wait time, awesome staff Yes I highly recommend.
Shelia M.
I went into the urgent care with chest pains and they brought me directly into a room and stared The process. I was really glad they took care of me first and the paperwork second. The staff at MD Now are professional and work as a team.
Jay G.
Fast, easy, clean, courteous, professional, what more can you ask for?
Antonio B.
Excellent and professional...took care of my breathing problem immediately
Laura C.
The staff knows exactly what was wrong , and they do what they have to do to fixed… good services!
Showthemela B.
I haven’t had a dr in years because MD now provides immediate professional medical services.
Edward M.
Everyone was very nice and professional! Thank you for keeping us safe!
Patricia A.
Very friendly staff with little wait time. Highly recommended.
Daniele C.
MD Pinecrest is great. Open early and very professional staff. Usually no one there if you are there at opening at 8 am. Went to get Covid test and was quick and easy.
Adelaida M.
Staff were friendly and professional. I got there in time to see the doctor, about 30 minutes before close. Wait time wasn’t bad for a clinic. They sent my Rx direct to pharmacy. Who needs a primary care physician - when i feel sick i can go to a walk in like MD Now Urgent Care, not wait 2 weeks for an appointment with a primary. Convenient and easy. Thank you!
Lindsey B.
Excellent Excelle service. Always fast, always friendly. The nurses and doctors remember me, granted I've been here 6 times in the last 3 months for my gout problem. I'm sure they're having a good laugh if they're reading this. I've been to many MDNOWs in Brickell, the other 2 in Coral Gables but none compare to this location. I would recommend a million times over. The doctors know your past visits and answer all questions you have even if it's not related to the issue you came in for. I'd give 10+ stars if I could.
Gabriel R.
Great place. My wife and I are on vacation and she had some issues and they took her in and got her taken care of in less than an hour!!! We were both dreading going to the doctor on our vacation just for the simple fact about 99% of Doctor visits take forever! Thank You for handling our situation urgently!
Ray N.
Prepay for an airline drug screen account? its bulk business. They almost switched clinics again, I offered to pay, declined by "good cop & bad cop"? Beyonce & Solange Knowles? A couple of edgy chick's at the desk; no credit & no self pay. I went back to my employer with "the skinny" to get em paid. Upon my return they cranked me thru the system fast. In no time I was facing likkle nurse cutiepie and her samples. "would you like to wash your hands?" she chirped. It all went smoothly, all in masks in the waiting room. No sick people, just a few "sickbay commandos" ditching work. Good fast food medical, but have payment in place they're settling accounts and the sisters can only leave a message & you'll leave a skeleton at that speed....
Boat D.