Happy 4th of July

All MD Now urgent care locations will be open on July 4th
from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Have a safe holiday!

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Happy Doctor
This was my second time there and my experience was awesome. Great, professional staff. I was able to make an appointment online. By the time I got there it was a breaze process. The place in impeccable clean and the Dr. Very nice and professional. Thank you
Felix S.
Great doctor, not so expensive
Bruno B.
Procfessional....polite.....friendly and most of all know what they are doing. Thank you for helping me at my time in need.
George B.
They are very professional, nice, and caring. The receptionist is very friendly.
Gwen F.
Staff very friendly and I was in and out in less than 10 minutes.
Blessed C.
Went in today with intense pain in my back and hip. Got in right away. The Dr gave me a shot of cortisone which took about 1 hour to start working. It took away 90% of the pain. I'm very grateful this Urgent Care is open every day and the doctor was so knowledgeable. Thank you!
Nancy H.
Very professional and caring! Front desk receptionist was very welcoming, helpful and kind! Nice to know this facility is available when health problems arise!
Michelle K.
Very quick, clean and professional.
Elan Z.
Fast and very professional attention. Doctor, assistant and clerk very polite and helpful.
Laura R.
Excellent service and attention. The whole Staff were great! And the facility was very clean and neat!
Fred M.
They are vey fast and clean
Lori J.
As always, I'm treated promptly each time that I've been there and it has been alot this year. Everyone was so kind and understanding. I met a new Dr. today by the name of Diane Thompson. She was welcoming, concerned and caring, and very energetic when talking with me about my concerns. She understood how I was feeling when at times I don't get it. With her help and knowledge. I'm praying that we can fix this soon.
Veronica T.
Was able to get through very quick and was looked after by a very pleasant and knowledgeable Doctor
Graham N.