Happy Doctor
Excellent services, Dr. Mohammed Ahmed is very knowledgeable, caring and professional physician. I needed to check my heart and was concerned about my condition cause I had difficulty breathing . The EKG was done immediately and blood work was done as well . Also want to thank you for the great service from nurses and receptionists!
Me T.
Linda is a superb Nurse! The Dr. was very nice and took his time to exam. Highly recommend
Alex F.
Woke up feeling like I was coming down with chest cold because I am 83 and have COPD I called got an appt in one hour They were wonderful very very respectful. Next morning I got my results (negative) so relieved and happy I used them
Regina F.
The staff was friendly and efficient. In and out. Thanks to employees that care
Shannon H.
excellent care with follow up phone call we are impressed
val m.
Very warm and welcoming staff. The practitioner who saw me was very knowledgeable and caring. Excellent service all around.
Paul S.
It is so clean and efficient. I was there for Information and recieved what I needed about the antibody test.
Barbara P.
The visit was quick, nice staff. Knowledgeable. Good job Be safe everyone
Vanessa B.
Every MD Now I've been to is very professional and helpful. Their firm advice that I needed to go to the hospital last week may have saved me from the serious if not fatal consequences of very high blood pressure. I assumed my chest tightness was simply anxiety. I followed their advice of going to the local ER and was admitted for an overnight evaluation. Although unexpected and scary, I had a thorough heart evaluation and blood work to rule out any problems in those areas. I was prescribed blood pressure medication and discharged the next day. I feel much better physically and thankful they insisted I go to the ER as needed. My highest regard and appreciation to this valuable health resource. Linda
linda j.
The entire staff was professional and courteous and I was in and out in less than an hour!
Marielena D.
Nice, clean urgent care. Social distance is in effect. The staff is just beautiful. I know you will enjoy MD NOW
Casey W.
Great, prompt & professional service! Excellent staff! Efficient Dr.
Green S.
Quick and fast